How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?

BF ke Saath romantic Kaise ho – How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?

Romance is very important in a relationship because it makes your relationship stronger. Girls love romantic boyfriends and they also want their boyfriends to show their love. If a girl’s boyfriend shows her love to everyone, then she considers herself very lucky. Almost every girl wants their boyfriend to show their romance in some way. But there are many boys who take life practically and for this reason do not romance their girlfriends. Let’s know some tips:   

Do not compare with other men(How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?)

Ego in men is very sensitive, so you should take care that you do not praise other men in front of your boyfriend. If you give an example of another man being romantic in front of your boyfriend, it can hurt their ego. So do not do this at all.

Compliment your boyfriend

Praise your boyfriend instead of praising others. With this, he will understand your love and will also try to fulfill your wishes. So that’s why compliment your boyfriend’s every little thing

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Initiate romance(How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?)

If your boyfriend doesn’t start a romance, then you should take the initiative. This will also make your boyfriend realize that romance is also needed to strengthen a relationship. It is not necessary that only the boy starts the romance.

Explain their importance in your life(How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?)

Always tell your partner its importance in your life. This will make your partner closer to you and will also understand that you also need their love. In such a situation, your boyfriend will try to be romantic with you.

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Wear nice clothes in front of them(How to be Romantic with your Boyfriend?)

If you feel that your boyfriend is not romancing you, then you should get ready in front of them and wear them as you like. With this, he will be attracted to you and will try to romance you.

Tell your partner that you are thinking about them throughout the day

If you have to be isolated and cannot have an actual phone conversation, sending a short “Thinking of You” text just to remind your partner can be a great way. Here are some romantic texts you can send through the day

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Encourage your partner through the day

If you know that your partner is having a rough day at work or college, send them encouragement throughout the day. It helps remind your partner that you are in their corner, and that you care about them. 

Update each other on how things are going

When you are isolated throughout the day, it is always good to know what your partner is doing. Ask for updates on how they are doing and tell your partner how your day is going as well as the appropriate number of text messages. Just keep each other up to date

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Plan a date on the fly 

When you’re out and about and have a date, send a quick text to your partner to see if they’ll be up for it. This is generally good for dates with someone whom you have dated earlier, not the first date. 

Send picture

 If you are looking good, send a photo to your partner to leave them. If you notice something funny while walking, send your partner and let them laugh with you. Sending pictures can be a fun, easy and quick way to maintain contact without doing a lot of work. Beware of sending X-rated picture messages. Make sure you know the person and trust the person to whom you send the photos, and remember that it is never romantic to send unwanted nude photos, and it can be dangerous.

Send texts sparingly

A few lessons a day can be great, but make sure you can save some stuff to talk about in real life. If you are talking through text, your dates may be slow. Some people will enjoy sending hundreds of text messages a day, while others will be annoyed by the constant contact. Every relationship will be different. Find out how much text your partner has and try to keep it within limits. Do not resent each other.