10 Ways To Control Diabetes And Blood Sugar

10 easy ways to control blood sugar level 

1. The problems of increasing blood sugar level are increased when you do not pay attention to your diet. It is very important for diabetic patients to pay attention to their diet. If you take medicines to control blood sugar, then pay full attention to diet as well. Take diet as per the advice of your doctor.


2. Exercise to control blood sugar. You may not be able to exercise too much, but take out as much time as you can and do exercise. Whether you go for a walk, jog or do yoga. Keep yourself active.

3. Increase fiber in your diet along with FARBS. For fiber, you can include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Fiber carb slows down digestion. Due to this, blood sugar does not spike. It is very important for diabetes patients. 

4. Balance the amount of carb in the diet. Carbs break down sugar in your blood, a large part of it contains glucose. After this, she delivers this sugar to insulin cells.

5. Include more fiber in the diet, this can help to maintain blood sugar level.

6. Check blood sugar level before sleeping at night. If it is more then contact your doctor.


7. Avoid eating heavy food. If not, the digestion process will continue overnight, which will increase the glucose level in the blood and by morning the sugar level can be very high.

8. Walk after eating food. This can help in food digestion.

9. Take light breakfast in the morning which does not increase the blood sugar level. Do not make the mistake of skipping breakfast.

10. Eat dinner at night about two to three hours before bedtime, so that it gets full time to digest.