17 Tips to get Healthy Sperm. You Must Try It.

Shukraanu ko Majbbot Kaise Kare – It is said that the sperm count of man can be estimated from his manhood. But in today’s era, where everyone likes to spend more and more time in the gym to update his personality, we are not cheating. It is not necessary that the boy who will be attractive in appearance, his sperm fertility will also be good. However, the quality of semen of men can be determined by fairly simple signals.

To recognize the quality of sperm in men, we need to pay attention not to their external appearance but to their habits and their body language. Men with hoarse voice are believed to have low sperm count and are the cause of their testosterone hormones. In addition, men with thin waists also do not produce healthy sperm. It is not only about sperm count but also their quality. Therefore, to identify healthy sperm, you need to know their physical symptoms. 

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Tips to Get Healthy Sperm:

Smoking – We see advertisements related to smoking every day but cannot get rid of this habit. Smoking is harmful not only for our health but also for our sperm. but also reduces sperm count and also damages your DNA.

Slim waist – Do you know that the thin waist of men directly affects their sperm! It has been scientifically proven that men with thinner waist have lower sperm count and this reduces the spread of hormones in the lower parts of their body. Hence it causes unhealthy sperm production.

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If you like to eat fish – The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish increase your sperm count and their quality. Therefore, fish intake will prove beneficial for you.

Don’t eat junk food – Consumption of junk food decreases the quality of your sperm. Hence, avoid junk food.

Tight underwear – Tight clothing does not blow the body due to which you feel suffocated. Tight underwear or clothes increase the temperature of your body and decrease sperm count.

Stale food – Often, we put the remaining food in the box and keep it in the fridge. In this way chemicals are produced in the food lying in the refrigerator. These chemicals reduce the sperm count in your body.

Don’t ride a bike – Normal temperature is required for sperm to survive. The heat of the traffic increases the heat of the scrotum causing less sperm in your body.

Also Read :Is your underwear lowering your sperm count

Do not keep mobile in the pants pocket – Mobile radiation can prove harmful to your sperm. These radiations can also damage your DNA, reducing your sperm count.

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If you want to keep a Proper Sperm Count, then do this work –

  • Do not wear too tight underwear and avoid bathing even with hot water.
  • Avoid sexual infection.
  • Stop drinking alcohol at all. Consumption of alcohol decreases the health of your testosterone hormones. This hormone is directly related to sexual ability.
  • Keep yourself fit and do not let the belly bulge out.
  • Workout, but do not do too much.
  • How much sleep you get is directly related to your health. If you do not sleep for seven to eight hours every day, then bad days of fertility start.
  • According to a study, those who take less than 6 hours of sleep every day have a lower probability of 31% in their fertility. Good sleep is very important to maintain your health and fertility.
  • Avoid bathing with hot water. It has been revealed in many studies that it is in his right to have low temperature for sperm production. The temperature of your testicle is interrupted while bathing with hot water and this has a direct effect on the sperm count.