4 Best Sex Positions Guaranteed to Leave You Satisfied

Sex ke Asan- Sex can be boring and this is where the sex position plays a role. Sex is an important part of our life.  Without regular sex, our lives will become dull.  We will be sad and the mood will swing.  Sex should never hurt, otherwise, orgasm is not going to come. Sex is a natural and healthy activity.  Basically, sex means sexual activity, which usually involves inserting and pushing the penis into the vagina for sexual pleasure. Both men and women have different fantasies about sex positions.  So it is very natural to try on Google about different sex positions.  This is where this article about different Sex Positions saves you from the hassle of research.

What is Sex Position? (Sex Ka Asan)

Come, know what is the sex posture, what is sex asanas.  There are many types of sex postures.  Before this, let us know what is a sex position. While sex is a natural and enjoyable activity, the state of sex is a state of the body that is used for sexual intercourse.  Sex Position helps you feel more connected with your partner. This sex posture gives you more pleasure and helps you reach orgasm. The sex manuals present a guide to sex positions.  The sex manual has a long history that describes various sex situations.

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Sex positions can spice up your sex life.  It can increase the bond between couples and lovers.  To provide complete mental and physical satisfaction you should choose the sex position wisely. Learn about those best sex positions that will always give you full fun.  If you are bored with your bedroom sex activities and want to try something new with your partner, try these sex positions, and refresh your passion. You always remember a moment of intense sexual activity when you try something new with your partner.  Many of you often want to try some new things in the bedroom, which you will enjoy once done.  Although usually, all have sex in missionary sex positions in their first sex, always having sex in the same position seems boring after a time.  You agree or not, but often many partners do not understand this or some people are shy to say it or some people are hesitant to try new.  But if you feel that your sex life has become very boring or you are shying away from doing anything in bed with a partner, then understand that there is a need to do something new.

Woman on Top Sex Position –

Woman on Top Sex Position has the advantage that the girl controls the sex and the pace of sex and it also has her orgasm.  To perform this sex position, the boy lies on his back on the bed and the girl sits on the hips with his legs apart.  Sex can be done in this position.  The girl can either place her hands on the boy’s chest or hold her hands and become intimate. The girl may also bend up and down slowly by placing her hand next to the boy’s head, and the boy can support her waist.  Apart from this, she can have sex with her Thai or thighs by moving her hands backward.  The boy also has a very intense feeling in this position and can caress the breast and stomach of the girl, and it has a lot of eye contact and you can see each other enjoying, apart from this, both of them  I can do anything.  However, make sure that you sit comfortably on your male partner and do not hurt them.  Set a good position for sex, then only then have sex.

Lotus Sex Position – 

The Lotus position is also performed in tantric sex because it gives a different feeling of bonding and love between the two partners.  While doing this, the boy sits with a cradle, in which he sits the girl on his lap and wraps his forehead near her hips.  The girl hugs the boy puts his hands on his back and the boy has sex by holding his hips or waist. In this sexual posture, both of them can see and kiss each other’s eyes.  In this position, they can adjust the pace of sex.  Even in this position, if the girl wants, she can move her hands backward and the boy has sex by holding her by the waist.  In the advanced form of this, if the boy wants, he can slowly lift both the legs of the girl on his chest and with the help of his hips can lower him up.  Both get extreme pleasure from this.  If you want, first lie down in the machinery position and while raising the girl from the back, slowly penetrate.  In this position, both partners can make each other feel intense in sex.

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Missionary Position –

In this sex position, the girl lies on her back in the bed and the boy sits on her knees.  The boy gently picks up the girl’s legs and takes her head upwards and intercourse.  He can hold the girl’s foreskins with his body weight or hands, or the girl can pull the legs towards herself with her hands.  In this position, you can shift the angle of your feet and change the sensation of sex for both of you.

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Sitting Chair Sexual Posture –

Any situation or position where you can sit on your male partner’s lap makes it a really good sex position because you can make a lot of physical contact with them, which makes them want to have more intimate sex.  Will look forward to it.  In this position, you sit in the lap of your male partner, whether it is on the bed or on the chair.  You can easily have sex in up-down movements by holding the chair handle.  Initially, it can be a bit difficult and your male partner may guide you so that you sit well.  It is also a very intense sex position.