Long lasting sex? 8 Ayurvedic remedies

The need of Ayurvedic medicine to increase sex power is needed by almost all men today, as it is a known fact that men get excited easily and they are almost always on sex all the time. Are prepared for. But most of us experience a variety of sexual situations that may inhibit their sexual libido. Premature ejaculation, low sex drive, loss of semen, erectile dysfunction, and infertility are common sexual problems of men. Some Ayurvedic medicines can be used to overcome these types of problems. Let’s know what are the Ayurvedic medicines to increase sex power in men, and how they can be used.

Ayurvedic medicine to have sex for a long time

Every herb has its own distinct properties which are very beneficial for our health, but these herbs should be used only with complete knowledge and with the advice of an experienced person. Sex is one of the most intrinsic aspects of our lives that can be disrupted due to physical weaknesses, other drug side effects, and other health problems. But to avoid these problems, Ayurvedic medicines motivate the body to restore itself naturally. There are many Ayurvedic herbs to increase sex power, which act as a tonic to increase our body and sexual health. Come let us increase sex power ayurvedic medicines which will help in bringing happiness again in your life.

Herbal Medicine For Sexually Long Time Nutmeg

You can use nutmeg to promote sexual health. Nutmeg acts as a booster by heating the pubic region by stimulating the central nervous system. Due to its health enhancing properties, the medicinal properties of this herb are absorbed by the body due to its effect which helps in preventing premature ejaculation. In Ayurveda, nutmeg, honey and boiled half eggs are mainly used as a tonic to promote sexual health. These products are rich in medicinal properties which are a major part of Indian food. Nutmeg is also used as a spice to give a natural aroma to food and to make it tastier.

Orchis latifolia linn is a terrestrial plant that is most commonly used to solve sexual problems. It is one of the finest herbs which gives good results on our body. It not only promotes sexual power, but also enhances the performance of the human body.

It makes the blood flow in the penis bigger and harder. Salab mishri is also very useful in improving the nature of sperm and in increasing sperm count. Salab mishri is an herb that has amazing ability to increase sperm count.

Shilajit Increase Stamina in Bed

All the qualities that promote sexual health are present in Shilajit. It is said that God created it only to increase sexual health and masculinity. Shilajit is mainly used to make Ayurvedic sexual enhancer medicines. Shilajit is considered one of the best and most important elements of the Ayurvedic system.

Shilajit helps in increasing the strength and ability of sperm in men. Also Shilajit helps in controlling hormones to increase sexual ability in men. Due to the beneficial properties of Shilajit, it is considered as Viagra because it is very helpful and effective in increasing the sexual power of men.

Asparagus is the Ayurvedic medicine for increasing fertility in women

Asparagus is used as a very beneficial medicine to increase female fertility, which has rejuvenator properties to women. Asparagus helps to increase fertility by nourishing the ovaries as well as other female reproductive organs. The use of this Ayurvedic medicine controls the hormonal structure in women and also helps in increasing the blood volume in the body. It also reduces the chances of conceiving.

Asparagus also helps to improve male fertility and can be used in cases of sexual weakness, impotence, spermathecae and genital inflammation. Asparagus helps reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (premenstrual syndrome), such as controlling pain and blood pressure during the menstrual cycle. According to Ayurveda, asparagus is the best medicine that helps to overcome the problems of infertility, pregnancy, leucorrhea or licorice and menopause (leukorrhoea and menopausal) related to female reproductive system.

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Since ancient times, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has been used to overcome problems related to sexual health. It is also known as Indian ginseng. It is a medicinal plant that has been used for centuries to overcome infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation and other sexual problems. It is an adaptogenic herb that promotes the functioning of nerves and improves nerve function. If consumed regularly, it also helps in stress management, which is one of the most common causes of sexual problems.

Ashwagandha improves all aspects of a person’s mental capacity. All parts of this plant can be used medicinally. The roots of Ashwagandha are useful in increasing the fertility of men and women.

According to Ayurveda, Ashwagandha smells like the sweat of a horse, due to which, when consumed, it brings strength and sexual strength like a horse in men. To use it, you can use Ashwagandha with honey, ginger, hot milk, food or hot water.

Velvet bean is a medicine to increase time

This Ayurvedic velvet bean has amino acid properties which is a powerful neurotransmitter. Dopamine helps the hypothalamus and pituitary glands to increase hormone development and raise the level of testosterone in men. In addition, they also increase the number of sperm count to increase sexual excitement and sexuality of men.

Velvet bean has wonderful ability to increase sex drive, as well as improves mental alertness. Regular intake of velvet bean increases energy levels as well as reduces muscle weakness. Self-absorbed is known as a natural herbal booster that has a powerful effect on one’s sex drive.

Kaunch Beej is an Ayurvedic medicine to increase sex time

This Ayurvedic Conch seed is traditionally known as Goha. Conch seed is considered one of the world’s most prominent sexual stimulants. For this reason it is used as herbal Viagra. If it is consumed regularly by men, it helps to correct their premature ejaculation and increase male sexual strength.

Conch seed has medicinal value that can effectively cure problems of male impotence. It is very helpful in increasing the number of male sperm. It helps to boost sexual power and increase sexual excitement.

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White Musli to increase number

White musli is mainly used to increase sperm production. On regular consumption of white musli, it also contributes to increase sexual excitement. It is used as the main ingredient in various tonics related to sexual health. The white musli is predominantly used in the chavanprash you consume.

White musli is very effective in curing nervous disorders, indigestion, throat problems, bronchitis and physical weakness. It helps in increasing the strength in your body as well as keeping the liver healthy. White muesli is very beneficial for increasing the number and quality of sperm count in men.

Almond, the Ayurvedic medicine to increase sex power

The use of almonds in a healthy and balanced diet is very beneficial. Almonds along with other seeds and nuts such as walnuts and cashews are a good source of the essential fatty acid omega-3 that helps promote testosterone in your body. Testosterone promotes the major sex hormones in men. Apart from this, it also contains good amount of nutrients like Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Magnesium and Calcium (Magnesium and calcium), which helps in improving overall health. It is also believed that almond fragrance works as an aphrodisiac in women. You can increase your sex capacity by consuming almonds.

The name of the drug of passion is Talmakhana

You can use the Talmakhana to boost your sexual health. Talmakhana is a well-known herb that helps in removing and treating semen problems. If you are having problems regarding the quality of sperm, then the table can work as a medicine for you. If you are suffering from premature ejaculation problem, then use Talmakhana is very beneficial for you. Its use increases the circulation of enough blood in your genitals, which increases your sex capacity.

Talking about the reproductive process, naturally we see a decrease in women, which is a myth. Women are not always responsible for this issue, but men are equally responsible for it. Sometimes the number of spermatozoa in men is not satisfactory, which is essential for fertility. Therefore, there is no better alternative than the Talmakhana to increase the ability of sperm. It helps in increasing the sperm count in men.

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