7 Dryfruits that Help in Reducing Weight

Dry Fruits Se Wajan Ghataein- Eat as many almonds, cashews, etc. but you can never have enough nuts in your diet. Dryfruits are considered superfoods, they are rich in nutrients that fight many diseases and provide nourishment to the body. Also, nuts are also very tasty as a snack.

Dry fruits are very Beneficial for Health –

Dryfruits may be nutritious but they are ignored when it comes to losing weight. Most people believe that dry fruits are healthy but at the same time eating them also increases the weight rapidly. However, this is not entirely true. You might be surprised to know this, but including some nuts in your diet will help you lose weight. According to a study, people who eat dry fruits daily do not gain weight and are not obese.

We are going to tell you about 7 such dryfruits that if you eat with a workout, it will reduce your weight.

Dryfruits that Help in Reducing Weight:


Walnuts are not only good for the brain but they are full of unsaturated fats as well as some fatty acids that your body needs. Walnuts are also rich in anti-oxidants. It keeps the cells away from problems like damage, heart diseases, cancer, early aging. There is also a lot of omega-3 fatty acid in it, which is good for your body. It also contains healthy unsaturated fats. One to two walnuts can be eaten in regular miles.

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Whether or not to lose weight, almonds should always be part of your diet. According to experts, if you eat almonds daily with a workout, it will reduce your weight rapidly, increase metabolism and also fight bad cholesterol. Almonds have more fiber than other nuts. It’s one ounce contains about three grams of fiber. Not only this, but it is also rich in Vitamin E, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Weight can also be reduced from almonds. According to a research, people who lose weight lose their weight quickly if they include almonds in their diet. Apart from this, it is also effective in controlling blood sugar. Eight to ten soaked almonds can be eaten in a day.


Raisins are a great snack for weight loss. Dried grapes have a strong chemical that reduces your desire to eat.


Many types of nutrients are present in these green nuts. Pista contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals that help control blood sugar levels, antioxidants that fight excess fats and boost your metabolism. Pistachio is very helpful in weight gain because a pistachio has less than four calories. In addition, it contains L-arginine, which makes the layer of the artery more flexible. This reduces the likelihood of blood clotting, which can cause heart attacks. At the same time, it also contains vitamin E, which gives strength to the body.

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There is no doubt that dates are very high in calories, but it also contains a good amount of fiber, which makes your digestion easier and helps in removing fats from the body. They are also a good option as a snack.

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Iron, magnesium, and zinc are found in cashew. Its ironworks to deliver oxygen to the cells. It prevents anemia. At the same time, zinc strengthens the immune system. Magnesium has good memory power and keeps memory intact in old age. According to experts, you should include at least four to five cashews in your routine.


Peanuts are a major source of vitamin E, folate, and manganese. It contains 22% anti-oxidants, which are helpful in strengthening the immune system. It also keeps away from heart diseases. But it is important to eat them in the right quantity. Eight to ten peanuts can be eaten a day. Eating roasted peanuts with boiled vegetables is a good option.