Are shoe bites taking away your happiness | Health News

You love your new pair of shoes and you are strutting down the street, happy and confident. All of a sudden, there is this itch or pinch at the back of your ankle that slows you down. You stop and then walk again, your feet hurting more at every step. Yes, we are talking about shoe bites here. We all have faced it at many a time in our lives and chances are, we will be having many more such experiences in the future. Shoe bites trouble your tight stilettos rub off against your skin. In many cases, a simple shoe bite can blow out of proportion and give you those immensely painful blisters.  shoe bites may also become worse and can take an even severe form like blisters. Therefore, it is necessary to start taking care of your feet early on. Here are some home remedies you must try for your shoe bite.

Apply ice cubes

One of the most convenient options is to apply ice cubes which give an instant relief from the pain. Wrap two cubes in a cloth and apply gently over the affected area. Doing this will also reduce swelling.

Try aloe vera

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera help in the healing of shoe bites. This herb has a cooling effect on your itching and burning sensation. So, keep applying it and don’t wash it off soon. Long-term application of aloe vera will soothe your scars.

Dab a dollop of toothpaste

Sounds weird but toothpastes can work wonders when it comes to treating scars and pain, especially from shoe bites. It contains baking soda, menthol and hydrogen peroxide which may help in healing the wound. However, apply only white toothpaste and avoid gel-based variations of it.

Go for honey

It is great in treating skin problems, especially spots and scars. Apply some honey on the affected area to get rid of the pain before washing it off with water. This will help in healing the blisters sooner.

Choose neem and turmeric

Mix neem with turmeric, add some water and make a paste out of these. Both neem and turmeric have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory compounds which can help with blisters and pain that a shoe bite gives you. Keep it on for a bit and then rinse it with water. Apply it regularly to see the results fast.