Do you Know the Reason for Skipped Periods?

Periods Nahi Aane Ke Karan

Missing of periods does not mean pregnancy every time. Sometimes other factors are also responsible for this. Stress, fever, use of birth control pills, obesity are some of the reasons. Apart from these, there are many reasons for which we do not know, but these periods are responsible for missed. Let us know what are those reasons.

1. Stress or stress affects our physical health in many ways

Delay in periods is one of the same effects. Stress reduces the secretion of GnRH, the hormone responsible for ovulation, hindering the menstrual process. This causes delays in periods.

2. Sometimes periods are delayed due to minor diseases like fever.

Prolonged diseases also affect the menstrual cycle. However, their effect is temporary and when you get rid of diseases then your menstruation starts functioning naturally.

3. Due to change in your day-long schedule

There is also the problem of irregular periods. Delays due to working night shifts, attending weddings or going out have a bad effect on your body clock. In such a situation, the monthly cycle is likely to be irregular.

4. The use of birth control pills or other drugs

Also makes the menstrual cycle become irregular. In such a situation, there may be a complaint of lighter or skipped period. If this happens, you should immediately contact the doctor.

5. Menstrual cycle also becomes irregular due to obesity.

It also causes delay in periods and absence of periods. Being less than normal can also be a reason for delayed or missed periods.

6. When women are around the age of 35-40 years,

There are many hormonal changes. In such a period, periods also stop. If this process is premature then it is called pre-mature menopause. In such a situation, women have to face many problems.

7. Irregularities of periods have also been observed in women who take snacks.

There are many women whose menstrual cycle was not normal until the reason was breastfeeding.

8. There is a possibility of early periods also due to irregularity in eating food.

In such a situation, avoid changing the food schedule frequently.

9. Irregular menstrual problems may also occur due to low body weight.

In such a situation, there is also the risk of having periods completely closed. Healthy weight is very important for normal periods.

10. Having any type of thyroid problem also affects your menstrual cycle.

In such a situation, if you notice any symptoms related to thyroid problem then contact the doctor immediately.

Methods of rescue –

Women should pay special attention to cleanliness. Do not use unnecessary chemicals for hygiene. Eat nutritious things in food. Drink plenty of water and buttermilk, this balances the hormones. Relax the body, avoid stress. Do not take any medicine without medical advice. PCD and hypothyroidism must be treated in time.

Treatments are given by giving hormone therapy. If menstruation is irregular due to any type of hormone disorder then the problem is treated first. Such as thyroid, PCOD etc. In addition to making changes in the routine, the patient is asked to improve the diet.

How to Get Periods on Time?


burning of genitalia, itching with stinking water.
Complaint of headache due to irregular menstruation.
Feeling of tension, irritability and loss of appetite.
Swelling with pain in hands and feet, as well as feeling tired.
Repeated sore throat and throat pain are also its symptoms.

Periods that occur every month to women bring changes in their reproductive system. This increases their ability to conceive. Periods start at the age of 12–16 years and come to menopause (the period of closure of periods). Periods typically occur in 28-day cycles. But whenever periods come before or after time, it indicates irregular menstruation.