How do guys behave after rejection?



Pyaar me Inkaar(How do guys behave after rejection?)- It depends on two things, the first thing is the mental stability of the guy and the second thing is the level of legitimacy of his interest in the girl. Rejections are very common for guys but the behavior of the guy after facing it is an interesting thing to notice! I will support my answer with examples from Indian movies, I know they are a part of the fiction but here we are just concerned about the behavior, right?

There are different kinds of reactions to rejections(How do guys behave after rejection):

Some get crazy – they try to convince you to give them a chance. That’s a really bright red flag right there.

Some stop talking with you forever – even when they pretended to be your friend up until then – they were never interested in friendship with you.

Some guys just shrug it off – mostly because they didn’t try to convince you to like them, they just thought maybe he can ask you out, get to know you better – and then finds out you’re maybe already taken or just not interested – and he won’t care much – he’ll just keep meeting other people for those purposes. But that kind is very rare.

Aey khuda agar tere pen ki syaahi short shayari

Guys have getting-rejected in their DNA – it is sort of like their ROLE to take the risk and ask someone out; It’s as if they have a protocol in place – if they aren’t crazy and stupid – to just move on and try with someone else. But yes, some guys get super obsessed and think it is their job to try to convince you to like them – best they get out of you then is PITY – and later, contempt (there, I explained most really bad relationships active in the world right now!).

Here’s the thing – women handle rejections even worse – it is a strange situation where it is the women who puts herself out there, takes the risk of getting rejected, taking her dowry to a man who then turns her down – a woman might not have a protocol in place for all that in her DNA!

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So these are some common reactions after rejection (How do guys behave after rejection):

1. Fine! I will find another –  These guys don’t really care about rejection. It’s just a shot that failed and they don’t mind in taking another.

2. Rejection? What’s that?  – These guys don’t know the meaning of rejection. They feel the girl is going to accept eventually after asking maybe a million times and doing cheesy stuff. Remember this guy?

3. Now there are those for whom its the end of the world. Yes, you read it right. These guys simply can’t handle rejection and in worst case, they develop self-harming tendencies. Well, you may know him…

4. It is never possible for me to forget you and I will not let you forget me either

These boys are a real pain. They will keep following the girl to eternity, no matter she gets married or becomes a mummy..

Sad Boy Wallpaper-13 - Very Sad Images Hd - 1454x842 Wallpaper ...

5. Now there is this familiar kind. Booze is the solution to every problem and hence they become a Devdas, they will drink before breakfast, after lunch, and during dinner!

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6. The sixth kind. They will make it breaking news and cry in every corner present around him and wet the shoulders of every single person he knows, its a struggle for their friends too!

7. There is a seventh kind who are the meanest. They won’t care about the respect of the girl and they waste no time in bitching and proving her a $L*T or whatever.

8. Finally, there are some who are hurt inside but won’t express it and they will try to make amends to their friendship in every single way. I believe that’s the perfect way to handle it.

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