How to Deal With Stress

Recognize your Positive forces:

In addition to identifying the areas that change, you should take time to celebrate your forces. Read your list of forces and congratulate yourself for these positive traits. Give yourself a small pat on the back and you will be helped to focus on your positive qualities and build your mental and emotional strength.

Consider your past experiences: If you are lacking mental or emotional strength, the cause can be linked to an event in the past. Whether it was just a few months ago or when you were very young, it can affect your mental and emotional strength. According to research, children who have been abused, neglected, or have been victim of an abuse are more likely to have emotional and mental issues due to which they may misuse drugs or attempt suicide.

  • Try to determine if your childhood negative experiences are contributing to your mental and emotional state. Consider how and why those experiences are affecting you.
  • You have to talk to a doctor to understand them completely and you need to move on from them.

Determine if you have an addiction that needs treatment: An addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, or someone else can be harmful to your mental and emotional strength. Are you accustomed to doing something, and want help to get rid of your bad habits. If the addiction is severe, you may need treatment. If you feel that your addiction can be harmful to your mental and emotional strength, talk to a doctor or a doctor.

Track your thoughts and feelings in a diary: Writing in a journal can help you understand the reasons why you are experiencing these challenges, and is also a great way to relieve stress. Choose a comfortable place to start writing in the magazine and plan to give 20 minutes per day to write. You can start writing how you are feeling or what you are thinking, or by using a prompt. Some prompts for you to use include:

  • “I feel powerless when …”
  • “My biggest challenge is …”
  • “If I could talk to myself, when I was a kid I would say …”
  • When I feel hopeless, the best thing I can say to myself… “

These above things if practiced well can help in relieving stress.