How to Make a Boy Crazy in Love

Kisi Ladke Ko Deewana Kasie Banaye

He loves you, he doesn’t love you … or if you take the right steps on your behalf, then maybe he will start loving you too. For that, you should start thinking more than one of your friends, for this, try using some small strategies like winning your friend’s heart or using your body language to flirt. Then, after taking a little savory style, knowing what makes him happy, and by becoming the best and more confident in himself, take things even further.

Spend most of your time around him, so that you will always be in his heart and mind (Make a Boy Crazy in Love)

The closer you are to him, even if it is just a thought in the beginning, but that much more about you Will think Go to events where you are sure of his arrival, such as a Friday night football game or a coffee shop, visiting his favorite place. 

  • Do not chase him or stick to him forever. If you suddenly start appearing everywhere, then it will start getting suspicious and it will start feeling uncomparable.
  • Make sure that he strikes you in a situation when you are really fit according to that situation. For example, if you know that you can meet her in the gym, then wear a nice cute outfit. Or, if the two of you are going to the same party, challenge him to a game of table tennis (or some other secret talent!).

In order for him to have an attachment feeling for you, do some adventures: (Make a Boy Crazy in Love)

Adrenaline or fear produces the same reaction in one’s mind as physical attachments, so to increase the beating of your heart So, go for a rock climbing or a roller coaster ride to your nearest amusement park. He will relate his excitement and feeling of happiness to you rather than to that event. 

  • If you want, you can do as little activity as watching a scary (horror) movie or you can do a big thing like indoor skydiving.
  • By the way, it is considered best to do an activity in which only you two are there, so that whenever she remembers that feeling, then only your face comes in front of her eyes, but you can also go with a group. Just make sure to get quality time to spend with him there.

Win the hearts of his friends, so that he knows that he can trust you: (Make a Boy Crazy in Love)

People often trust their friends and also value their opinions. If he sees all of you happening together, then he will start feeling more comfortable with you. Find out what his friends like to do and then make a group outing plan like mini golf or brunch, where you get to know them better.

  • You can also invite her with your friends, so that she can meet them as well.
  • Before meeting his friends, do a little research about him, for this you can check his social media account. Lest you accidentally ask Rohan about his girlfriend’s condition, without knowing about the breakup with his girlfriend, so it is important that you know about their breakup! Say something like, “I was thinking, why don’t we all friends go to see the big game this weekend.” What do you think? “
  • Do not speak upside down or make fun of his friends. Then even if it starts, but you do not have to jump to support it. If you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything.

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Talk about romance or love, so that it connects you with these things: (Make a Boy Crazy in Love)

If you want them to start thinking about you, that it is you, that they can love, then in front of them By bringing similar things, train his brain to feel similar words, ideas or feeling about you. For example, when talking to him, use the word “love/love” several times, tell him a cute little story about your friend’s new boyfriend or keep talking about how cute the Royal couple is.