How to reduce the weight to lifestyle choices.

Tales of fat to fit have caught the ears after listening. But when it comes to its own turn, the breath stops on a question that how will all this happen? How long will I not eat my favorite food? Or even if I do regular exercise? I will do the gym but what will happen when I leave it? Everyone says to quit the gym, then the weight increases more quickly?

No matter the problem of obesity behind these questions, but the motive is only one, to get rid of weight. You can say that the mind is troubled just because obesity is the root cause of many diseases. But this is such a partner, from which friendship is worse and more dangerous than enmity. But it is not easy to get rid of it, so it is not impossible.

Believe that a little hard work can not only reduce weight but can also be reduced rapidly. Some changes in lifestyle are necessary to adopt the entire process of rapid weight loss. With which weight can be reduced in the shortest time.

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1. Diet or not

To lose weight, it is important to control your diet. To control is not just about being hungry. Rather it means eating enough food. That is by eating, which is good and healthy according to your body. This should not include food that will only increase your weight and cause you to digest and fatten late due to your low runaway life.

Think of it as eating a piece of sweets gives you more calories than your taste. Now to burn this calorie, you have to run the race. Then go and enjoy that taste, otherwise, you will only increase obesity.

Now, if you do not have to work hard to reduce calories, then such things will have to be removed in the diet, which increases weight. For this, first of all, find ways to control your diet. Start with a slight change in the favorite fields.

2. Plate Ho Perfect

Diet experts support a formula. According to them, this is the formula, which can also include your favorite food. In the perfect plate formula, you are given the option to choose the protein, starch, and vegetable of your choice. Now when you have selected these, you have to reduce the vegetable in your plate by half, then the meat has to be ¼ and the starch is also ¼. What you eat depends on how much weight you want to lose.

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3. Come on exercise after diet

May be office work and household responsibilities do not give you time to think about your weight. Even after a million attempts, you are unable to make time for your own exercise. So now, however, you should take this time out anyway.

Look at it with this angle that the busyness will remain for the whole life and it will continue to increase. But busyness will happen only when you have a healthy life. You will also be able to prove your skill only when you live a healthy life apart from diseases. And for this, the root cause of diseases will be to eliminate obesity.

This will not only be beneficial for you, but for the whole family. A special way to start this may be to keep the exercise short and point to point. In this way, you will not get bored with it, but you will also grow in interest in it.

4. Then you will get the right result of exercise

When the exercise is started, the extra pressure on the body also starts. Due to which there is exhaustion, many times there are injuries. But we get the right result of exercise only when we are ready to work more vigorously after recovering from tiredness and injuries. And to do this, we also have to make changes in our lifestyle.

We need to give more rest to our body. So when you start exercising, think more than before for the rest of the body. Increase the time of sleep, so drink more water. Not only this, do not forget to do warm-up and stretching before exercise.

Hw to lose weight

What is your need

– 7 to 9 hours of good sleep

– At least 3 liters of water every day

– 10 minute warm-up before starting the workout

– 10 minutes of stretching after the workout

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Not punished

You are making a lot of effort to lose weight, so remember that lifestyle changes are not a punishment for you at all. You may feel like getting up early in the morning, not eating a favorite food. But it is your goodness in all of them. And the moment you take this thing to heart, suppose the long battle to lose weight will become a minor thing. Everything will start to seem easy. Then you will not mind getting up early in the morning and even simple food will make your heart happy.

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