Increase your Closeness with Your Partner

Ladki se Najdikiya kaise Badhaye

If you love your partner then you must take care of them, but it is very important to be close in a relationship with care or else the relationship is on the verge of breaking up. We are telling you some spicy tips for this which keeps the newness in the relationship, which will never dampen the fragrance of your love and Spice’s temper will always keep them young.

1. Reduce the distance (Increase Closeness)

If both of you have come a distance, then first reduce it. In order to maintain the warmth of the relationship, it is very important that there is no distance between you physically and mentally, but sometimes even in the same house, both of them increase the distance so much that both do not even talk. This causes a rift in the relationship.

2. Understand the language of love (Increase Closeness)

I love you are not just three words, it is a combination of favicles that keeps your relationship connected. But if you cannot tell the words of the mind in words, then take the help of gestures or gifts. Body language tells how close you are to your partner. A simple sweet smile also tells all those who cannot say a thousand words.

3. Be the Best Friend (Increase Closeness)

Appreciate the partner’s qualities, but also point out mistakes. Anger or making a mouth does not make a matter, but worsens. Accept the true criticism and suggestions of the partner.

4. Creating newness (Will Definitely Increase Closeness)

Love is priceless, but you have a big treasure of it, which you will spend on your partner, in return, your love treasure will increase. It needs to be decorated every day, so that newness remains.

5. Live for each other (This Might also Increase Closeness)

We are always busy at work, in the moment we spend together, TV, mobile, laptop remain among us. Live only for one day a week. During this time no one should be between you, whether it is TV, computer or smart phone of both of you.

6. Some moments of sharing – This will also Increase Closeness)

Have you ever seen any love birds. It seems like things do not end with them. Never let silence prevail in life. The conversation should never end. The memory of loving things suddenly becomes the reason for a smile on your lips. Some moments of sharing are more lovely than moments spent in the bedroom.

7. Get a special feel to Increase Closeness

Love is not the desire of one, but the desire and need of both. Give importance to your partner’s will. Make him feel special. Attention is very much needed in every relationship. If both of them follow this rule then the relationship will be based on love, not agreement.

How to attract girls (Ladkiyon Ko Kasie Aakarshit kare)

8. Learn to care for yourself 

If you are also among those people, who still think what is kept in the face. The heart must be clean. So you are completely wrong. It just sounds good. There is no place for these things in real life. Therefore it is compulsory to maintain oneself to impress a girl.

By following these steps, you can make your impression on the girl. So read it carefully and learn to take care of yourself.

● Dress in style –

If you do not have good clothes. So buy some nice clothes from marcket. Keep in mind that only buy clothes that suit you.

● Change the hairstyle –

This is a good way to impress anyone. Just for this you have to do research on yourself. And you have to choose good looking hair style according to your face shape.

● Take care of face –

If you want to impress anyone. So looking good is compulsory. Take full care of your face in this situation. Follow a good routine.