Signs when friendship turns into love

Dosti Pyaar Me Badalne ki Nishaniyaan

There are some relationships which are very important. One such relationship is that of friends, in which there is love as well as wrangling. It is not known when two hearts join each other while having fun together. Nevertheless, if you see these five signs in the friendship then understand that this relationship has changed from friendship to love.

When more conversations started happening ( Jab Kuch Khaas Baatein hone lage):

When you are in tension, it is the friend who can refresh your mood. Small or big problem, your friend always stands in your support. What happens once you talk to a friend will become your day. Although this is also true, but when this thing starts changing from hours to hours, then understand that the heart has ringed.

When things start to remain secret: ( Jab baatein personal hone lage)

When boys and girls are included in the Friends group, then all the things happen between the group. But when a boy and a girl are friends, they start sharing some things with each other. So this relationship starts turning into love. Especially when your partner says, do not tell anyone in the group about the man. So understand that there is something for you in his heart.

Meet more with each other : (Ek Doosre se Zyada Milne lago)

It is said that the more you meet, the more you will know about him. In such a situation, when a friend takes time out of your busy schedule just for you, it means that he has started wanting you.

There is no hesitation in the physical relation: – ( Ek Doosre ke karib aane me koi pareshani nahi hoti)

Opposite sex is always attracted towards each other. In such a situation, it is seen that the boy or girl starts behaving with their friend in the same way as they are couple. This directly means physical relation. When your friends start spending more time with each other, then believe me, your scent will suit them.

There is better synergy between each other. (Ek Doosre Ki Feelings Samajhte Hain)

A boy and a girl who are friends increase their chances of becoming a lover. Because they understand each other’s feelings. Who would like to know more than friends, who would like what and what not. In such a situation, if the heart is good, then it is bound to fall in love with it.

When You Start Sharing Personal Life with Each Other. (Ek Doosre Ke Saath Personal Life Share Kare)

Believe that if a girl shares with you her personal life, then she believes that she trusts you and considers you a close friend or wants to make her. So this is a step ahead of friendship.

When you can’t see each other Upset: ( Jab Ek Doosre ko Dukhi Nahi Dekh Sakte)

They always start caring about each other. You worry when you go somewhere. You help in doing your work. Seeing you in trouble makes you more upset then it is a sign of his friendship.

How to Know if You are in Love?

When Your Habits Starts to Change : ( Jab aap apni aadat badal do)

There is a lot of difference between friendship and love, we do not make much difference with the habits of our friends, but the habits of the one we love makes a lot of difference. If there is a boy who smokes 10-20 ciggrate a day, then no girl will make him his love because smoking is a bad habit. If you start caring more about each other’s habit then it’s a clear sign of Love.