Simple Ways to Keep Your Body in Good Shape

Sculpting your body and getting in shape was tough, right? The bad news is, that was an easy task. Staying in shape is a whole different animal.

You know that person who seemingly doesn’t do anything to try to stay in shape? That person is doing every little thing to stay fit. They actually crave vegetables and fruits, and they live for another day filled with push-ups and weight lifting.

That person has acquired healthy habits and found the best ways possible to remain in shape. Don’t worry; you can do that too.

Walk every day

This might seem like obvious advice, but sometimes the most important pieces of advice are simple. Make walking a permanent part of your daily routine, and don’t just walk. Walk hard. Walk like you’re in a hurry. Pick a route with lots of trees and hills, and conquer it every day.

Wearing comfortable clothes and sneakers while walking is important, so don’t forget to equip yourself with clothes which will allow you to adapt to any temperature and weather.

Enjoy exercise

Some people dread being on a treadmill or lifting weights. The mere thought of sweating and working out disgusts them. If you’re one of those people, then you might want to consider changing your approach to exercise.

Don’t make the classic mistake; you don’t need to love working out. You need to love looking great. Imagine your ideal body every time you tie your shoelaces and keep the picture of it in your mind while you’re working out. Push yourself to the limit and learn to value your body. If you stop working out, you’ll probably gain fat. Remember – a workout a day keeps belly fat away.


Swimming is a complete and perfect exercise, but it’s underrated, unfortunately. If you don’t like sweating, but you do love a good cardio workout, then swimming is for you. The greatest thing about swimming is that water keeps you cool while your heart is working out.

As a bonus, swimming will make you more flexible, and it will also help you lower bad cholesterol. If you want to stay in shape, visit any local pool, go swimming, and make your core and muscles work.

Don’t try every new diet

Not every person who’s in shape is on a special diet. Have you ever met a person who is in great shape and who is constantly trying out new and fancy diets? That’s right; you didn’t. Fit people don’t diet. Healthy eating is a part of their lifestyle, and they stick to it no matter what.

Supplementing a healthy diet is also important, and unless your doctor told you to avoid them, you should take quality supplements and vitamins while working out in order to stay in shape for a long time. If your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals, all your hard work will go to waste.

Sometimes, eating healthy is not possible, especially when you’re on a road trip or a vacation. Having a cheat day is great, but having a cheat week is not recommended. Supplement your diet while you’re vacationing and try to find a hotel with a gym.

If you have any kind of heart disease, check with your doctor what kind of swimming is good for you!


The plank is one of those exercises which you can do absolutely anywhere. It tightens the deepest core muscles, and it’s much more effective than squats and crunches. Whenever you can – plank. Straighten your legs, raise your body, don’t clench your buttocks, and hold for at least 30 seconds every time.