Keep the diet according to your age,Nurture the fitness habit

Healthy Body Ke Liye Diet Plan

We should change our diet as we age. By taking the right diet, our body remains healthy, strong and longevity. Know about some similar things related to our diet.

Avoid giving more ghee give
lentils, rice, roti to 1-3-year-old child. Some people insist on feeding ghee so that its body is strong. At this age, the work of producing cells has started within the child. Giving more amount of ghee makes doubling of fat cells faster which makes the child fat.

Avoid junk food.
At the age of 3-10, the bones of the child develop. Calcium and iron are needed during this time. For this, it is necessary to have high amounts of milk, curd, lentils, green vegetables, fruits and protein-rich diet in his food. It is necessary to take 1200 to 1600 calories daily.

Eat Dal, Paneer and Egg
his time is important for the development of boys and girls in the age group of 10–14. It consists of physical development and hormonal changes. In such a condition, the amount of iron and calcium in the body should not be reduced. It is important to take protein according to weight. One gram of protein is necessary at a kilogram weight.

Give the above things only after six months
, mother’s milk is nectar for a child up to 1 year old. The mother’s thick milk gives strength to the baby. The child who is six months to one year old should be given the above food so that his body can get nutritious elements. You can give oatmeal, milk, lentils in it. All foods should be in liquid form which they can easily eat and digest.

Soya products
should be good in the age of 40-80. The body becomes weak due to lack of nutrients. Menstrual problems also occur in women at this age. In such a situation, eating soyabean items is beneficial. There will be no deficiency of estrogen and hormones can be avoided with replacement therapy.

Morning breakfast is heavy
, at the age of 14-25, it is necessary for an adult male to take 2425 calories daily, a woman with 175 calories within 24 hours. Food should be eaten on time. If breakfast is heavy, the body will remain fit and active. Having full breakfast in the morning keeps the body full of energy and agility throughout the day.

Take elderly colored vegetables
, most people lose their work after the age of 40. Men need 2,225 calories per day, while women need 1,75 calories. It is necessary to take an overdose of antioxidants. Fruits, milk, nuts should be eaten in this along with green and colorful vegetables. It is fine to take water, soup and juice in liquid.

As much as four bowl of pulses, protein

Should not be reduced according to the standard set at the age of 25-40. Use of fruits, vegetables, pulses, bread, rice and eggs for protein and carbohydrates is beneficial. At this age, bones are strengthened by getting sufficient nutrients. About 40 grams of protein is necessary in food. An egg and a bowl of gram lentils contain 13-13 grams of protein.

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It is believed that non-veg is bad for health which is totally wrong. Its proper amount is also very important. Nonvase contains high protein. Apart from this, egg is also very beneficial . Both the white and the yellow parts of the egg are dim. Fish, chicken, all should eat proper amount, it provides all kinds of nutrients in the body. This cholesterol is less amount of Omega 3 persons fatty acids are also abundant. Nonvices should be boiled, cooked by steam, grilled, roasted or baked and eaten. Frying chicken and eating it causes harm to the body, and also becomes very heavy.