The answer to the question of when to eat fruit can also surprise you!!

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Fruit is the most healthy diet for our body. If you want to be healthy, then eat fruits. The vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients present in it are very healthy for us. But, there are many questions related to these fruits, such as how and when they should be eaten. If fruits are not eaten in the right time and manner, they can also have a bad effect on health. Eating fruits at any time can cause digestive problems. Therefore, it is advisable to eat these fruits at a particular time. Many online sources suggest that if fruits are eaten in the afternoon, on an empty stomach or with a particular diet, then only good health benefits can be obtained, however, no true evidence exists. Let us know at which time it is right to eat fruit.

What is the right time to eat fruit?

When to eat fruit in the morning

Morning is the best time to eat fruits. By eating fruits in the morning the digestive system quickly breaks down the sugar of fruits and provides all the nutrients to our body. Fructose is very high in fruits. This is the best time to eat fruits, because this time gives energy to our body. Therefore, we should eat fruits when we need energy, such as in the morning. You can eat fruit, make its fruit salad or fruit juice.

When to eat fruit with snacks

Fruits are considered the best snack. As a snack, we often eat foods with more oil, sugar or fine flour. When fruits are eaten as a snack, you forget to eat junk food, which reduces your weight. Therefore, if you feel hungry in the afternoon or evening, you can eat these fruits as a snack.

When to eat fruit during pre and post workouts

The body needs energy immediately before and after a workout, so that you can do a good workout. Eating fruits gives your body a lot of energy. After a workout your body becomes tired and needs energy which can be found from fruits. Because, they are high in calories, minerals and fiber. 

You can eat fruits both before or after the workout , which will give you full energy. Eating fruit before a workout allows you to exercise easier, while when you are tired after a workout, you gain energy again by eating less calories and high fiber fruits. Eating fruit half an hour before a workout is considered beneficial.

When not to eat fruit?

When to eat fruit before bed

Often, it is considered good to eat fruit after dinner at night, but eating fruit before bedtime is not considered good. Doing so increases the sugar level. So if you eat fruits before bedtime, then you will not get good sleep. It is also advisable to eat food for about two hours before bedtime, as the food is digested properly. It is the same with fruits. If you eat them before bedtime, you will have difficulty digesting them, which can cause stomach problems.

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When to eat fruit

It is believed that there should be a difference of at least 30 minutes between your fruits and meal time. If you eat them before and after a meal, then the food is not digested properly and the body does not get all the nutrients. If you area diabetic patient, then you should wait at least one or two hours after eating and then eat fruits.

When to eat fruit with food

Eating fruit with food weakens its digestion process, due to which it takes more time to digest. Fruits have fiber , due to which they are digested very slowly and taking them with food makes their digestion process even weaker.