Want to Know About Female Masturbation: Myth and Truth

Ladkiyan Hastmaithun Karti Hai Ya Nahi?

Women do not talk too much about masturbation. Does she talk?

I am 25 years old and I remember that boys used to talk openly on this during school days. But girls? They obviously did not have this freedom. Whenever we asked by a boy about masturbating, then the only answer was – no, it is vulgar, of course not at all. But If we had masturbated, then the same answer was there. If you are a boy, the answer would be something like – ‘Yes, every day.’ It is believed that women do not have sexuality and men are ahead in this matter.

Teen girl

Is it harmful?

Many of the girls who masturbate and feel embarrassed after doing so. However, this is not the case for boys and they want to keep their sex life confidential. I was like the teenage girl with whom all this happens in practice. I believe that none of my female friends would have masturbated. Neither did I at that age. I used to think that it is obscene and it will distort my genitals. I want to take the time back where Hanna is a scared teenager and she is going to her room to touch herself. But had to wait for years to do this. I could not do this until I was 20 years old. It was only after this age that I got my first sexual pleasure. Thank God and my organs for this happiness. As a teenager, I did not know how to excite myself. I used to think that female masturbation happens in some strange way.

Different ways

Everyone used to talk of fingers with masturbation. Again I want and the teenager can tell Hannah that she can tell those boys. Why don’t we say that this is the basic need for our body and its sexual pleasure. Sex excitement meant to me to condom the test tube. Yes, we were shown the penis and vagina through a picture. But the clitoris was not mentioned. After all, why do most people grow up without knowing their genitals? In porn, only sex sensations can be felt. But we should understand that youth can find sexual pleasure in different ways. This is possible only in your body. Youngsters should know about their private parts. They should not remain confined to mainstream porn. People live with many types of shame, shame, confusion and regret in sex. After opening up with friends about masturbation, I found that most people did not masturbate as a teenager

In youth

Apparently it was the same with me. When I came to know about it, I understood everything from the shape of the vulva. Most people do not do this in puberty, but they do not even talk about it. Most people feel that this is wrong. They feel guilty and start hating themselves how can it be right? When I was 15 years old my mother told me, “Hanna, you masturbate? You should masturbate. This is the best way to know your body before having sex with someone.” My response to this was – mother, do not talk to me about these things. But they at least tried and I feel good now. There is silence around female masturbation. It is part of a damaging belief that women are not sexist – men should be active in sexist relationships, sexuality should be aggressive. At the same time, women have to behave according to men.


If a woman has her own personal sex life then she will always take initiative and she will behave according to her sexual pleasure. I call it nonsense. Women are also erotic. Women are also sexier than men. The truth is that women are sexier. Sometimes we like to have sex with ourselves. All alone No one together. After such a long time, I am completely comfortable with my body. I can give myself sexual pleasure. I am full of confidence to say what I want to my partner. Everyone’s sexuality is of different ways and I believe that masturbation is the best way how you want to get pleasure through touch.

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