Where is the emotional dead spot for men?

Face, most men die to face. Men are not afraid of enduring hardship or being tortured by a woman’s emotions, they are afraid of women’s humiliation and humiliation. Men dare to defend their dignity with life and death, but men cheat but do n’t feel hurt to women. This is a male domineering psychology.

No matter how a man is not good to a woman, as long as he does not hurt him emotionally, he will forgive you. If cheating, the man will never tolerate it, even if the tolerance is temporary, the man is humiliated once in a lifetime, the woman is humiliated Once I will forgive men and myself with forgiveness and appease myself, provided that there is indeed love. Men who love will not maintain love because of the loss of dignity. Men’s face is bigger than the sky.

A man’s emotional dead spot will not forgive himself. Even if he makes a choice when he is excited, he will not forgive the other person even if he regrets death. Thinking and doing are often two different things. Some people rely on them to fulfill their dignity and face, while others rely on those who want to comfort themselves, thinking giants, and acting dwarves.

The dead-end of men’s emotions is selfishness. In terms of selfishness, men are more selfish and narrow-minded than women. Men always have a lot of doubts and doubts, but men are not as stubborn as women, and their emotions are straightforward.

What men are most afraid of is that people say that their wives are unfaithful. It can be said that she is not beautiful and does not understand things. Most men dare to pursue a girl, but they will not defend the girl. Some are simply masculinity, and they are private accessories. At this point, women are even more so.

The reason why the person you love and love is not long is that the two sides care too much about the other party and think that they have paid too much and paid too little. Actual love should be in the past tense, and it is new at any time. It should not consider the past pay, but whether it is still willing to pay today.

There is no unpaid love, no eternal pay, the exchange and trading of love is an emotional tacit understanding.

If a man is more generous, it seems to be good, but sometimes a woman is not it? Love needs more patience and tolerance, if it hurts dignity, it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons and the reason. Confusion is a common problem.