Why Married Women Fall in Love

Shaadi Shuda Aurat  Ko Pyaar Kyun Hota Hai

Love is a unique feeling for everyone, without which life is like hell, but in some cases, love can also become the biggest mistake of your life, which can ruin your world completely. In such a situation, it is important to take care of many things before making love.

In fact, in recent times, not only among the youth, but also between married men and women, the ghost of love is riding! Surprisingly, some people know that their love can ruin their life, but even then they surrender their world to someone else for a moment of happiness!

In such a situation, today we are telling you about some ways related to love, which after knowing it may save itself! Before this, know that there are many types of love, a love that parents have with their children, a love that happens between siblings, a love that happens between spouses and a love that is loved by friends. Happens between There are many better ways to make love that fills your life with happiness.

Love Between Married Man and Women

In today’s time, married men or women fall in love with another man or woman, which has a bad effect on their own home and family, in such a situation, if your game is exposed to the world, then your life is hell Becomes like, where you feel disgusted with your own face.
Friends and dear friends, today we are ready to answer your questions once again. Many of you boys, men and women have asked us the question, “Why do married women fall in love with boys”? This question is necessary in many ways because married women get so absorbed in the desire of young boys that they do not even care about their household. In such a situation, it is important to know why married women fall in love with young people below their age.

1- Before marriage, when a girl weaves dreams of happiness after marriage, but many times after marriage, she does not get the pleasure she wants. In such a situation, he gets attracted towards any non-male or young boys.

2- Today’s young boys are more interested in love with married women because usually an unmarried girl does not seem to be attracted to them and if married woman is upset then she easily falls in love with any boy.

3- Despite getting married, the woman also loves a boy to fulfill his needs. When the husband is not satisfied, the married women also want the boys only because they want physical satisfaction.

4. Many times, fed up with family quarrels, married women look for someone with whom they can share their sorrows. Because of this too many women look towards boys. In such a situation, some boys also understand their gestures and start burning the spark of love in their mind.

Impress a Married Woman (Shadi Shuda Aurat Ko Pataye)

5- Before getting married again and again the girl’s mind flashes the same question as to what the atmosphere will be like in the house where she is going to go. How will the husband be, there will be happiness in the family. If she does not get things according to her wishes, she becomes unhappy and seeks the support of a boy to share this mental misery.

6- Usually after many years of marriage, women like healthy girls because their physical excitement increases as they get older. In such a situation, these women are attracted towards boys with more stamina. This type of attraction cannot be named love. This kind of love on behalf of women can be called physical hunger.

7- Often, in the spirit of young boys, married women are more burdensome because some boys only enjoy a flirtation with married women.