14 Home Remedies to get Rid of Vaginal Smell

Yoni ki badhbu – The smell of the genitals is nothing but an unwanted smell. This happens due to bacterial or yeast infection, sexual diseases, or lack of cleanliness. The condition of stench in the genitals is very embarrassing, so it is necessary to diagnose it quickly.

Common causes of bad smell in genitals are – 

  • Yeast infection
  • Gonorrhea
  • Eat sugary foods
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Venereal disease
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Tight clothes
  • Use of harsh soaps for smelling or skin

Symptoms of Vaginal Smell:

  • Itching near genitals
  • redness
  • Fishy or rust-like smell
  • Treatment of odor in the genitals

Ways to Get Rid of Vaginal Smell :

Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour With These Instant Home Remedies ...

Drink plenty of water – To get rid of the stench in the genitals, you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. Water removes naturally damaging substances and bacteria from the body, as well as increases metabolic activity. Water also removes excess sugars from the body as sugars are believed to be the major cause of bad odor in the genitals.

Curd – Eating curd can control the smell in the genitals. It contains a high amount of lactobacillus which balances the pH (acidity) of the genitals. You can also apply curd in genitals. Take cotton swabs and let them flow into curd diluted with water. Then keep this leaf in the private parts for 5 minutes. After this, wash the genitals thoroughly with cold water.

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Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil is the best way to remove the smell of genitals. It is an excellent antidote and antibacterial natural remedy. Take two spoons and dilute it with water. Soak cotton swabs in it and keep it in the genitals for a few minutes. Do this process one hour before bathing and daily throughout the week. It is a good way to get rid of bad smells in the genitals.

Fenugreek – Soak two spoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight. After waking up the next morning, filter and drink water before breakfast. Repeat this treatment for two weeks. Fenugreek is one of the best herbs to get rid of odor in the genitals. If consumed regularly, it is helpful in improving the hormone level in women as well as regularizing the menstrual cycle.

Garlic – Make a fresh paste of garlic and apply it on the walls of the genitals. Leave it on for 8 to 10 minutes. Take a shower after this. Garlic is an effective antidiabetic and antibacterial agent that helps in fighting odor-causing bacteria in the genitals.

Neem water – Neem is one of the best ways to deal with odor in the genitals. Boil some neem leaves in water. After cooling, wash the genitals with this water. You can also use neem oil.

White vinegar – Put half a cup of white vinegar and a little salt in a bathtub with lukewarm water. Soak your genitals in it. White vinegar relieves the problem of stench in the genitals to a great extent as it balances the pH (acidity) of the genitals.

Apple vinegar – Apple vinegar has good antibacterial properties, so it is an effective home remedy to remove odor from the genitals. Soak yourself by putting apple vinegar in a bathtub with lukewarm water. Apple vinegar brings back the acidic nature of the genitals, which removes the stench.

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Perfume – If you are suffering from the smell of genitals, then spray perfume from the knees to the inner breasts, so that the smell remains good. Perfume helps to a great extent in reducing odor.

Amla – To get rid of the smell of genitals, you can take Amla as raw or pickle. Amla is a natural antidote and prevents leukorrhea, a disease that spreads the smell in the genitals.

Baking Soda – Baking soda is also another effective way of fighting bad-smelling infections in the genitals as it balances the body’s pH. Drink one spoonful of baking soda mixed with a glass of lukewarm water.

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Eat citrus fruits – Eat plenty of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapes, and pineapples. They contain plenty of vitamin C which strengthens your immune system as well as removes unwanted toxins from the body.

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Available medicines – You can use medicines available at the counter such as liquid chlorophyll to prevent odor from the genitals. Drink plenty of water with 5-6 teaspoons of liquid chlorophyll. Take this medicine for two weeks.

Vagicil – Women’s Powder – There are many types of products available in the market to remove odor from the genitals. One such product is Vizicil – women’s powder which rapidly soaks up moisture and odor of the genitals. It is 100% talc-free, which provides protection from excess moisture and protects the soft skin of the genitals.