Diabetes: How to check and Home checking Video guide

The risk of coronavirus infection is highest among diabetes patients. At such times, diabetes patients need to take special care of themselves. Especially sugar level should be checked in case of diabetes. Know how many times in a week should diabetes be checked for sugar level …

The risk of coronavirus infection is highest for those who already have a serious illness such as diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, lung related diseases (Lung) Disease) etc. At such times, diabetes patients need to take special care of themselves. Diabetes patients especially should keep checking their sugar level in blood. It can be dangerous to be a little careless.

This is important because performing a blood sugar level check helps in the combination of drugs and insulin, even when you are suffering from corona or any other infection. According to a research, only 28% of diabetics are those who regularly check their blood sugar at the time of lockdown. Let us know how many times a patient of diabetes should check their blood sugar level in a week… A

What is diabetes?

When the amount of blood glucose or blood sugar in a person becomes high, it is called diabetes. Blood sugar is the major source of energy for any person, who reaches his body by eating food. In addition, insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which helps glucose move from food to a person’s cells, which is used as energy.

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What are the symptoms of diabetes?

The main way to identify diabetes is to pay attention to its symptoms.
Therefore, no person should ignore these 5 symptoms because they can be a sign of diabetes-

1. Increased thirst- The major symptom of diabetes is excessive thirst.

2. Usually, we drink water when we are thirsty, which erases our thirst, but this is not the case in diabetes, but a person feels very thirsty and has to drink water again and again when he has diabetes.

3. Frequent urination- As explained above, one of the reasons for diabetes is frequent thirst, due to which a person suffering from diabetes has to go for frequent urination. Usually, people consider it as a kidney symptom, but they should not reach any decision as it can also be a sign of diabetes.

4. Very hungry- often, you must have seen people who keep eating once in a while. Most make fun of such people and tease them by calling them ‘hungry’. But at times, it can be a sign of diabetes, which may prove better for the person suffering from it to report to the doctor.

5. Sudden weight loss- If a person is losing weight fast enough, then he should not ignore this problem as it can be a symptom of diabetes.
6. Feeling tired- However, we all get tired after working long enough. It is a natural thing to happen, but when a person gets tired after a little hard work, it is not common because it can be a symptom of diabetes.

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How to identify diabetes?

Successful treatment of diabetes is possible by identifying diabetes at the right time as explained above.
Therefore, if a person has a dilemma of diabetes, then he can overcome this dilemma by identifying diabetes in these 7 ways-

1. Taking BMI test – The easiest way to identify diabetes is to take BMI (18.5–24.9) test. A person who has high BMI (more than 30) is more likely to have diabetes.

2. Fasting plasma glucose test- Many times, fasting plasma glucose test is also done to identify diabetes. In this test a person’s empty stomach blood sugar level is examined and it is ascertained whether the blood sugar level in the body is at normal level or not.

3. Postprandial blood sugar test – Just the opposite of the fasting plasma glucose test, when a test is done after eating breakfast, it is called postprandial blood sugar test. When a person has blood sugar (more than 200) in this test, it is confirmed that he has diabetes.

4. Oral glucose tolerance test- The most common way to identify diabetes type 2 is oral glucose tolerance test.
In this test, glucose is added to the human body and then blood samples are collected to find out how fast the glucose separates from the blood.

5. Random Plasma Glucose Test – A test that detects the amount of glucose in the blood of a person’s body is called a random plasma glucose test.

6. HbA1c test- Often, diabetes is also identified by examining hemoglobin. The HBA1c test is the most effective way to test hemoglobin. When a person has 8% hemoglobin in this test, it confirms diabetes.

7. Fructozamine test- There is also a fructosamine test to identify diabetes, to check the total amount of fructozamine in the blood.

People do not know how to check blood sugar.

Experts believe this is because most people do not have a blood sugar measuring machine or their strip. Not only this, most people never measure their blood sugar level by themselves. Also Read – Can Diabetics Eat Sharifa ?, Know What Experts Opinion

Fewer people test in lockdown.

According to experts, most people do not see any improvement in blood sugar level in lockdown, while 80% of them exercise regularly and are controlling their diet. Most diabetes patients examine very low blood sugar levels or do not perform any tests. Surprisingly, all these people have been dependent on insulin and pills for a long time and suffer from hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia). During lockdown, if there is any change in blood sugar, it should be checked again and again.

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Who is more at risk of corona?

According to a health organization, during the corona period, it is very important that you keep checking your blood sugar level regularly, because if you are older or have some serious disease, such as Diabetes, heart disease, asthma and corona, all these problems can take an even more severe form.

Who Should Do Blood Sugar Test?

According to experts, it is important to check blood sugar level regularly, because an increase in blood sugar levels occurs when the risk of viral infection increases due to the release of stress hormone in a person suffering from diabetes. . People who are taking insulin therapy should check their sugar level at least twice a day. Apart from this, people who are dependent on medicine and whose sugar level is right, they should check sugar twice a week.