5 Effective Diet Tips To Follow During The Lockdown

Here are some effective weight loss tips that are going to help you get in shape.

The whole country is under lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. True, that staying indoors can help to flatten the curve. However, staying in self-isolation is not as easy as it can be challenging. Some might be sulking because they are missing their social life, whereas, some are making the most of this time.

The first thing that most people tend to do is compromise their health and diet. It takes a lot of motivation to stay positive after your routine has been disrupted. However, there is a lot you can do in terms of your diet; start with small, gradual steps. Here are some diet tips that can help you to keep your weight in check during the lockdown.

Cut back on salt

Intake of excess salt is known to retain water in the body and can add to your weight. It is best to take it in small amounts. Additionally, excess salt intake is associated with high blood pressure and heart diseases. However, do not stop consuming salt completely because it is an essential component that helps in maintaining fluids in the human body.

Balanced diet

When you eat your food, ensure that all the macro and micronutrients are in place. Include good carbs, good fats, and good quality protein as they are essential to keep you healthy and fortified. Do not eliminate nutrients from your diet without consulting a dietician. Avoid indulging in fried foods as much as possible during the lockdown to keep your cholesterol level low.

Cut down on refined carbs and sugary foods

Not all carbs are bad; it is important to differentiate between good carbs and bad carbs. Refined cereals like pasta or sugary items like cookies, cakes, and donuts do not help in the weight loss process. Try to include whole-wheat products or foods that are enriched with complex carbs and fibers. Complex carbs do not get digested easily; therefore, good to keep your hunger pangs in control.

Stay hydrated

While even you are at home; you must stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water helps to flush out toxins from the system. Drinking water is good for digestion and in addition to that, it keeps your organs and skin healthy. Drinking water helps to keep you away from unhealthy snacking. It’s best if you can add a packet of electrolyte powder to your drinking water. This will help to make up for the loss of essential minerals that are required for the proper functioning of the body.

Include as much as seasonal fruits and vegetables

Make it a habit that you eat fruits every day. Fruits and green leafy vegetables in the form of salads are a very good source of antioxidants. Fruits are rich in fibers and facilitate weight loss by keeping your hunger in control. It, therefore, helps in promoting weight-loss. Additionally, they are very good sources of vitamins and minerals, which is required for the proper functioning of your system.