8 Best Cowgirl Sex Positions – How to Have Woman on Top Sex?

Cowgirl Sex Position – It is said that the best way for women to orgasm during intercourse is to get on top. Not only does this allow you to fully control the thrusting, speed, tempo, and depth in which your partner penetrates you, but also a great way to feel both internal and external stimulation during P-in-V. (Or in strap-on V) fun.

Cowgirls take a variety of steps for you when you’re on top: you can bob up and down on top of your partner, pump your hips back and forth, move them around and around. Are those who can truly ride for everyone. Or even just grinding your clit into your partner’s pubic bone for a rapid climax. In fact, we recently heard of a * genius * trick that you just have to try during cowgirl … and that you are getting the word “coconut” out of your hips while riding your partner. The world of Twitter and same-sexers are convinced that this is an important way for you when you are at the top.

Also, if you are bored with your partner’s face-to-face ride, you can always spin upside down and face their feet for a reverse cowgirl. See? There are so many options for cowgirl sex.

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But what if you have tried cowgirl 8 billion times and still never had an orgasm. Or what if you like it fine, but want to mix it? See below, friend.

8 Best Cowgirl Sex Positions:

Lusty lounges 

Can’t decide between deeper penetration and more clit-focused riding? Have both! One leg up, one down, and then just shake your hips to toggle between both sensations. Lie flat-ish so that you rest on your forearms for up-closing and smooching.

The win-win 

Go ahead and extend your arms, run your hands through your hair, and roll out your chest as you pump yourself into heaven. Incredibly satisfy the cowgirl by unloading a generous dollop of greasy on your partner’s fingers and guiding their hand between their legs. If they hold the finger on either side of your clit, they won’t even have to move – each thrust will suddenly look more than 200 amazing. (You can also slide a flat toy between your body with low rumble vibes, such as the V-vibe sink.)

Slow burn 

Go to the top, angling yourself so that your clit is rubbing against their pubic bone because this will be where all feels good. However, do not insist. Instead, rock gently and rub against them as you please. They get to see you patiently while building an orgasm for their own creation. When you are beyond the denomination, go to something that blows them like a Roman candle. (See also: Pinocchio, below)


If you desire even deeper penetration, place a pillow under their butt and they will magically achieve a length of two inches (since it usually takes an inch or two inches to deliver a mattress). Rest your hands on their chest, sit with them on your knees, and give them a view of your life. If you want to get some cardio, try some short, fast bounce that will put them over the edge. Pair it well with a strong vibe or your plain old ‘fast-and-furious rub.

Reverse Cowgirl - AskMen

Hot chair 

Sit them on one armchair, go to the top, swing your legs over the arms, then lean back, rest your hands on their thighs. Just! You’re done here. They pump up from the bottom — the angle helps them rub against your top vaginal wall in the most enchanting way. And as long as they see you in a ~ * ~ amazing * ~ * in all their glory.

On-top ruler 

Show your partner who rules this house. Have them sit on the edge of the bed, then place your knees on either side of their hips to place them on their laps. Use your hands on your shoulders to stretch yourself up, down, and around as they worship your lower extremities with all your favorite things: their hands, mouth, a blooming toy, penis, or all of the above.

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For a raw, super animalistic vibe, instead of straddling your partner, try to squat and lean back. Change the sensations by bringing your knees together, moreover, while your partner gets a visual by lying down and facing you. For variations, let them move their feet or use a toy on you.

Gynecological Reversal 

Lie down to the cowgirl upside down instead of your partner, sit them behind your head with your stomach slightly, and support your hands. You lean on your hands – and yes, it’s the button your face, thanks for asking – and hump away. They can also push for a cowgirl / doggie-style hybrid, which gives you both the control of being on top and the deep penetration of Doggie.