9 Home Remedies for Testicular Pain

Purush Andkosh Me Dard Ka Ilaaj – God created humans on this earth and gave them the power to increase their population by breeding themselves. Both men and women have their own reproductive system. And when these two meet, the child is born. So friends today we will talk about one of the most important parts of the reproductive system of men. Which we know by the name of testicles.

The testis is a sac found in men. Oval-shaped 2 testicles are present inside a sac. The testicles produce and protect millions of tiny sperm cells. In addition, they also make testosterone hormone, a hormone that causes men to produce sperm. Also testosterone is essential for muscles and hair. It is also called the masculine hormone. There is pain in the testis due to many reasons, but before knowing that, we will know what is the testicle pain.

What is testicular pain?

Testicular pain is a pain that men have in one or both testicles. This pain sometimes arises from the testicles themselves, or sometimes it arises in another condition as well. Where there is any type of discomfort in your testicle or any discomfort in the stomach, it can cause pain in your testicles. Pain in the testicles can be acute ie for a long time or chronic ie for a long time. Well, there are many reasons. In the case of pain in the testicles, it is important to know that there are some reasons which need to be treated immediately. Otherwise your testicle can be damaged forever. Let us know what causes the pain in the testicles.

  1. Getting hurt – The testicle is very sensitive, and can easily damage them. If there is a slight pressure on it, then it can cause pain. Chronic injury can also cause pain later.
  2. Inguinal hernia – It is also known as groin hernia. In this, some part of small intestine comes into your testicles and causes pain and swelling. This hernia is often caused by heavy lifting. Wearing the right nappies while doing the gym carries heavyweights, often leading to hernia.
  3. Torsion – In this case your spermatic cord is folded. Due to which the blood flow to the testicles is obstructed. It causes very intense pain. If it is not treated in time, then the testicle can be spoiled forever.
  4. epididymitis problem – The epididymis is like a tube that is located on the backside of both of your testicles. In this, there is a burning sensation in the epididymis, and swelling also starts. There can be many reasons for epididymis irritation such as injury, bacterial infection, sex-transmitted infection which we know as STD. Epididymitis is mostly found in men between 18 and 36 years old.

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  1. Orchitis – In this disease, there is a burning sensation in your testicles, which is due to bacterial or viral infection. This burning sensation occurs in one or both testicles and there is swelling and pain in the testicles. And it is mostly seen in men 45 or older.
  2. Other diseases – Many other diseases are also responsible for pain in the male’s testicles. The veins of the testicle can be damaged due to diabetic nephropathy, which is also a major cause of pain. Apart from this, sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia are also responsible for pain in the testicles.

Pain relief Home Remedies :

  1. Relax – People suffering from pain and swelling in the testicle must do bed rest on the advice of the doctor and do not do any work that puts pressure on your testicle.
  2. Use of ice – Ice is a very effective treatment for pain. Wrapping a piece of ice in a handkerchief or towels for a while every two hours on the painful area provides relief.
  3. Underwear of accurate measurement – Always use underwear or diapers of the correct size. This provides adequate support to the testicles and relieves pain.
  4. Do not lift weights – If you have pain in your testicles, then keep in mind that never carry a heavy burden and if necessary, seek help from your family members. This will not put pressure on the testicle and it will be relaxed.
  5. Avoiding injury – Injury is a major cause of pain or swelling in the testicle. Injury can occur in many ways. To avoid injury in sports, use a guard or cup and wear a supporter.Also Read – Should One Undergo Circumcision or Not? Read to know


  6. Treatment at the right time – In the case of epididymitis, stones, and infections, take the necessary painkillers and antibiotics regularly with your doctor. This will help reduce pain.
  7. Eat Right – Eat less cholesterol and drink more water, it will relieve pain.
  8. Protective Sex – STD is a major cause of testicular disease. So always have safe sex.
  9. Ayurveda – Ayurveda is a very effective tool. To get a solution to any kind of problem. According to Ayurveda, turmeric paste can help you in increasing the testicles or reducing swelling. Drinking honey mixed with ginger juice provides relief. Similarly, consuming tomato, rock salt and ginger as a salad is also beneficial.