Benefits and Side Effects of Trikatu Churna

Trikata ke faayde: Trikatu Churna Benefits and Side Effects

Trikatu churna is an old herbal remedy used in asthma, obesity, cough, cold or any respiratory disease. This Ayurvedic remedy helps in the treatment of asthma, gout , cough , cold and other respiratory diseases.

Trikatu powder is made from three Indian Ayurvedic herbs, black pepper , Pippali (Indian long paper) and dry ginger ( dry ginger ). The tasirut powder is hot and used in various Ayurvedic remedies, especially in the Ayurvedic treatment of asthma, indigestion. Trikatu Churna is also known by other names such as Trikatu Churna or Trikuta.Trikatu Churna is a useful Ayurvedic blend that helps in curing various respiratory and digestive diseases. This helps calm the disease related to Tridosha imbalance . It helps fight asthma naturally. So let’s know about the benefits of this –

Benefits of Trikatu improve digestion – Trikatu for Digestion

Trikatu powder helps in improving digestion, as it increases the fire elements in the body leading to proper digestion and increases appetite. A person with digestive disorders should consume half to one teaspoon an hour before a meal. It is also a useful remedy for constipation , loss of appetite and other digestive disorders.

Benefits of Trikatu Churna strengthen immunity

Trikatu Churna Benefits for immunity .Trikatu powder helps to strengthen immunity, as it increases fire elements in the body leading to proper digestion and increases appetite. Therefore, people who are often ill can consume up to a teaspoon before going to bed every day. 

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Benefits of Trikuta to lose weight 

Trikatu Churna for Weight Loss.It is a very good remedy for digestion. It helps in increasing metabolism and reducing obesity .Consuming it with Triphala can help reduce excess weight. Those who want to lose some weight can consume one teaspoon of Trikatu powder half an hour before meals. 

Trikatu Churna has beneficial properties in asthma 

Trikatu churna is a very useful remedy for respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. It reduces mucus from the lungs due to its warm effect. It also helps in sore throat, sinus infection and other respiratory infections. Consuming half to one teaspoon of trikatu powder with honey half an hour before a meal helps in the treatment of asthma and respiratory infections. 

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Take Trikatu powder to control cholesterol 

Trikatu powder helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the blood and is a very good remedy for those who want to lower their cholesterol level. Consuming half to one teaspoon of trikatu powder one hour before a meal can help reduce cholesterol. 

Trikatu powder is beneficial in irritable bowel syndrome

Medical science is unable to find out the exact cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), but according to Indian Ayurveda, it is caused by heat loss of digestion. In this case, Trikatu Churna can prove beneficial for you. Trikatu powder works properly when the patient has diarrhea , cramps or gas during stool . It reduces mucus in the stool and normalizes the digestive fire.

What Is Trikatu Used For? | Trikatu Churna Uses And Benefits

Benefits of Trikatu Churna useful in body pain

Body pain is common in people during winter . In this case, you can use Trikatu powder. Trikatu powder provides warmth to the body and reduces body pain. Consuming half or one teaspoon of Trikatu powder can be beneficial for body pain. 

Trikatu Powder for Healthy Sex Life 

Trikatu powder helps in strengthening the reproductive functions, heating and energizing the reproductive organs, as it is perfect in aphrodisiac properties. It also helps to increase sperm count and healthy sex life. 

Trikatu Churna for Thyroid

Trikatu powder also helps in the treatment of thyroid . Mix Godanti Bhasma (10 grams) with Trikatu Churna (50 grams) and take one gram to 2 grams with honey, twice a day. 

Trikatu powder cure skin diseases 

Charak Cikissa placed by 7/61, a month-long skin disease and Haritaki , molasses and sesame oil is beneficial intake of Trikatu powder with. This remedy is effective in all skin diseases.

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Trikatu Churna dosage –

Half  or a teaspoon of Trikatu powder can be taken with honey an hour before meals. It is hot in taste and hot in taste.

Trikatu Churna Side Effects-

Trikatu is the only side effect of churna with many health benefits. Consuming it in excess can cause gastric problems and at the same time it can cause stomach irritation.