Birthday Card For Boyfriend

Birthday Card Banana Seekhe

It is not possible that you can make a special card at home with a few simple items for your near ones; This is fun! By working in these easy steps, you will never waste money buying expensive and personalized cards from the store!

Fold the card.

Take any colored A4 sheet paper and fold it in half. To make it more creative you can cut clippings of some colored paper and paste them into the background.

Create a cover page:

Take any scrap paper, write your birthday wish on it, and tear it by hand (if you don’t know “hand-tearing”), please refer to the “Advice” section. After preparing the title, paste it on the card’s home page.

Open the card:

After creating the cover page, open the A4 sheet and make the inner part of the card. A list of some fantasies is being given.

Write the word dear:

On the right side of two halves, you can write a poem or some good ideas and decorate it well.

Put a photo:

On the left side in half you can put a photo of the birthday person with you and mention some beautiful memories of both of them. If you don’t have a photo of that person, you can upload it from social media or paste a small chocolate or a toffee and write some creative lines.

Finalize the card:

You can decorate the card by pasting gummed glitter items, etc. Apart from this you can brighten the card more than anything you think are good ideas.

Write a poem

For the person receiving the card on the birthday: keep it so small; It should fit well into the card. After a few years, it will be like bringing amazing memories.

Put a small image on the cover of the card.

Choose something that belongs to the person.

Write the poem on the inside page first:

On the second page, put “Happy Birthday” in the middle of the page.

Color the card .

Use paper clippings to make the frame. Make it colorful by giving bright, stars or some touches by hand. Stickers made of clippings also decorate it.

Best wishes on the front page:

It’s all done! This personalized card is now ready to deliver.

Take a plain piece of paper .

Fold it in half. You can use colored or white paper; It does not matter.

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Draw some candles on the card’s home page:

Other images, such as hearts, can also be made. Cut these shapes. Inside, make some balloons and flowers under the holes on the right side. When you look at the closed card, you should see the color of the picture below.

Put a witty statement on the back and give other final touches:

You can also apply some imaginative decorations like glazed, rhinestone, etc.
Apply glue around the candles: Sprinkle the golden glitter to bring a “glowing” effect. Let it dry for a few minutes. When it is done, then you will have a beautiful birthday card!
Homemade cards are always more special and unique than store-bought. When you make cards at home, they can be more personal and you can decorate them the way you want. What you need is shiny, markers, and hard paper and your work begin.

Make it personal.

It will be even more exciting for the birthday child/girl when she will see how hard you have worked in it. Do not just copy the card you saw in the store. It would be appropriate that you make it the basis of your card design, but put your personal touches in it.
Before you start drawing, draw your plan outline on the card. Draw pictures and words with a small pencil so that you can fill them later.