These 6 tips will help you to relieve stress, know what it is

Tension is taking a macabre form around the world. Due to this people are also becoming victims of mental diseases. However, several methods are being tried to deal with this. This measure can prove to be very effective especially for office workers.

Stress surrounding employees: 60 percent of employees say they feel stressed on average 3 or more days a week. According to a survey conducted by payroll company Pachex, 70 per cent of employees give their stress levels 3 out of 5. According to the survey, 80 percent of the people feel stressed in the office because they are unable to give proper time to their family. Most employees also stated that they are stressed due to long hours of work.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths: When you are stressed during work, sit in your seat and take deep breaths with closed eyes. It is an exercise that brings peace inside and removes stress and fear. According to experts, deep breathing is relaxing the mind.
Listen to music Avoid stress: When there is more stress during work, take a tea break and listen to your favorite songs while drinking tea. Stay away from your computer screen for a while. This will make you feel refreshed after some time and get ready to work again.
Meditation is very important: every office has an activity corner where people can relax a little. Do 10 minutes meditation here. Sit in a meditative position and meditate with your eyes closed.
Enjoy food with everyone: When was the last time you went out of your desk to have lunch? Get up from the desk and go to the canteen or cafeteria and have lunch with everyone. This will also give you rest from work and will also make the mind happy by laughing with people.
Write about 10 good things: According to the experts, write about 10 such things in a diary daily which makes you happy. Write about some things for which you are thankful to God. With this you will be able to focus on the good things in life and your stress will be reduced.