She Wants Money Or Love?

Do you think your girlfriend loves you so much, maybe you feel right. But what if you know that she loves you not your money. It should not happen that one day they get someone with more money than you

So let us tell you how you can find out whether she loves you or with your money:

Money and just money…

She borrows Constantly money from you, saying that she does not have change. It seems that he has never had a change, because you always pay for him. If this happens then be careful. Never tell them without needing that you need money and borrow some money from them. Then see how she helps you.

Borrowed blows …

She likes to go to very expensive restaurants, so strong chance that she would order the most expensive dish out of Minu. It may be her choice, in such a situation, sometimes she forgets to forget the purse at home and see if she is ready to go to the same expensive restaurant or if she herself decides to change the bills by filling the bill.

To flaunt

Does she keep on flaunting all the cars you drive in front of her friends, the gifts you give them, and the exotic dates she carries. She also posts pictures of all these things on the social platform, so that people can see. So it should not take time to understand what is more important for them.

Shopping opportunities  

If she wants more than spending time alone with you, you take her to shopping. And for shopping or gifts, she creates such opportunities herself. Like the day you met for the first time, your first date, first time you held their hand, etc. And in the same way, they made every education such that for which you have to spend money on them, so be careful…