Daily Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Wajan Ghatane ke lie Diet Chart – Obesity causes trouble and embarrassment for anyone. Nobody wants to have a loose, heavy body. It kills the beauty of your entire personality. Excess obesity not only reduces beauty, but also makes the body the home of diseases. A good personality is identified by a healthy body. Due to a busy lifestyle, nowadays not everyone is able to take care of their fitness. But you will be able to be perfect in your work only when your health is good and you are fit. In such a situation, people sweat in the gym for hours to lose weight, do dieting, sometimes take medicines. While there is no need to do so much to reduce obesity. To reduce your stomach, it’s important that you simply follow the right diet chart.

The diet chart has taken care that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals. By the way, it’ll not necessarily be fully applicable to each person. However, you can also tweak it a bit.When you start losing weight, initially all people usually lose two to four kilos, but later fat doesn’t decrease. So whenever you’ve got to form your diet chart harder than before. Try this diet chart for weight loss and you’ll definitely make a difference.

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By the way, according to the physical structure of each person and the hard work done by him, the need for food varies. For this it would be better to remove BMR which will tell how many calories the body needs.

To reduce body weight, fewer calories should be taken and for this it is necessary to make a balanced diet chart. Keeping these things in mind, the brain needs less than 1200 to 1800 calories. Such calories are better transmitted in the body in the form of energy which is not stored as fat.

Tips for Weight Loss :

  • Keep three main meals, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from 300 to 350 calories.
  • Keep snacks and other things in the remaining 300 calories.
  • Use green tea as a beverage. Green tea helps in reducing weight.
  • Whatever food you eat, all be made from wheat or rice. Do not eat maida or white rice.

Diet Chart for Weight Loss :

Divide your breakfast, lunch, and dinner like this.

  • Early in the morning: Drink water, if possible, at least two glasses and at most one liter. If the water is lukewarm, then it is a good thing, or else you feel fine.
  • If possible, do the kajal: This is a yoga kriya, also called Vamana dhoti. It is vomited after drinking about two liters of lukewarm water. If there’s no problem with BP, then add light salt to the water. This is very easy, but it would be better if you do it in front of a knowledgeable person after that you can do it yourself.
  • Breakfast: Make oats but they are not instant oats. Bring a packet of plain oats and add onion, garlic, cinnamon, little bit of mungrel aka nigella seeds, the rest is to be added. You can add vegetables according to the season. If possible, add broccoli or cornflakes and double toned milk or three or four coddled egg whites if you’re non-vegetarian. If you want, then a lemonade without sugar. Drink shikanji first, eat eggs later, or sometimes you’ll have boiled potatoes with curd for breakfast. Add green coriander to it as well.
  • Brunch: Five to 10 almonds, alongside coffee or tea or ginger, basil, cinnamon, cardamom, etc., are sugar-free rather than sugar.
  • Lunch: a bowl of brown rice, salad, lentils, one or two rotis of multi-grain flour.
  • Evening tea: Tea or coffee or tea with some veg soup or roasted gram. Sprout can also be taken if desired.
  • Dinner is a bowl of veg soup, a bowl salad, or a large bowl of papaya or a bowl filled with vegetables. It has garlic, onion, or non-vegetarian, then three egg white or 150 grams of chicken breast, or two leg grinds.

It is not necessary that you consume these things. It is important that you take the right amount of calories. Along with this, a high intake of fluids and exercise will also have to be included in your routine.