Do girls masturbate? Read this real story!

‘Abe hear, a new thing has been revealed.

‘What did you know’

‘Come close, there are many people here, girls too.’

‘Now, what secret do you know?’

‘Abe girls also masturbate …’

‘So you just came to know this, we have received this knowledge from a long time ago. I will forward you the link to a story. Have you read that the girl has written…!

This was that story…

Masturbation … I was introduced to this word in the 10th school of the school. The teacher had spent a lot of time on the chapter on Reproduction. Even today, they remember that it is important to understand about Reproduction very well. It was read in the same chapter about Masturbation. The easier it was to read a word, the more difficult it was to understand.

The world of Internet is also very fun, go find something and get something else. So we also thought to take support of this only. The time of night is safe for all these things, secretly turned on the computer and started on the Internet. Type in search option, Masturbation. Google also did wonders, gave millions of results in 0.52 seconds. With the help of Google, there are also different ways of Male and Female Masturbation.

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Went to find some, found some more. It was my first meeting with Porn at the age of 15. Now the video was opened, so I could not even close it for 4 minutes. In it, a man was molesting his Penis and was making very strange sounds. Suddenly I remembered that a man on the road was turning towards me and doing similar things. I lost my mind, but did not forget to delete the history of the computer and I shut down the computer. I had understood that some shameless men also openly masturbate.A few years later, when he took admission in college. There was a good knowledge about the word that how some men masturbate every day, sometimes by watching porn, sometimes by remembering a girl and sometimes they start on the road. Till now it was in my mind that only Males masturbate.

One day that confusion also broke. We were all playing Truth & Dare Game. I took the truth and I was asked the question how many times I masturbate in a week. I lost my whimper. I said that Masturbate only does Males, my Roomates started laughing at me. Now I have become a victim of everything. I also wondered how such a big thing got out of my mind despite being a Bio student. Well now I again took the help of internet and searched Women Masturbation. There was a lot, with diagrams and videos. Definitions were also written in a very philosophical manner. Rubbing Clitoris by hand or finger until Orgasm occurs. Sex toys, vibrators can also be used for self-pleasure. All this was as new as it was intriguing.

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Have read, but now what? There were many types of questions in mind, but the mind was not agreeing. There was a desire to do something new and there was a fear of going wrong. The identity of his Clitoris was very old, but had never rubbed it. Then tried. To tell the truth, that Feeling was different. Did not even think that one should wake up and be fresh, so deep sleep came after many days. After that whenever I got a chance, I also started to masturbate. There was no reason for shame in this. Making yourself feel Relax can never go wrong.

Masturbation / Masturbation … The happier men are after reading these words, the more women blush. Everyone must have read about it in school, but have you ever thought that what happened is that men have mastered the practice in this subject and women are left behind here too. Women are not as shy as the word Masturbation. Not only this, people are hesitant to talk about female masturbation as well, they know the reason.When the creator has honored both men and women with this beautiful gift, why do women feel so ashamed?There is also a Feminist view of masturbation. It was read in an article that men have established their authority over every right of women from sex. The builder has made Clitoris just above the Vagina. Intercourse, however satisfactory it may be, it is the same as dominance over any woman’s body. Well this is the view of the author of that article.

Masturbation doctor is recommended. Masturbation has many benefits

1. Stress Relief- After spending the whole day in worry, there is no harm in taking Relief for a few moments.

2. Cervical Health – Your health is in your hands.

3. Menstrual Cramps are less – they will pass comfortably 5 days a month.

4. Satisfied Sex Life- Yes, it is true. Masturbation allows you to live a healthy sexual life.

Masturbate is not harmful. But the loss of anything will cause damage. So one should avoid masturbating throughout the day.

How ashamed of yourself? There is no question of man and woman here. Here’s the thing to make yourself feel good and light. Masturbate is a bit harder for women than men. Men start everywhere, but women have to be very careful.

I feel like every girl and woman should masturbate like me. This is your right as well as need. It is very important to identify yourself with the body. By masturbating, you also get to know with whom you feel Orgasm. Many women are not able to feel Orgasm from Intercourse and also do not enjoy sex. Talking about sex becomes a sin for some Indians. Talking about sex education can lead to catastrophe-like situations. These are things happening in closed rooms. When talking about sex, it is a sin to talk about masturbation. Men do not know, but women also avoid talking about it among themselves. Masturbate will not cause any catastrophe. Sex is not always effective to make yourself feel good.

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