Planning for Sex? Pain Reducing During Sex Tips for women

Pehli Baar Sex Karte Waqt Dard Kasie Kam Kare

It is not hidden that sex is an important part of the life of husband and wife and if done properly, it is a blissful feeling.

When the physical relationship between the partners is good, it strengthens their relationship. Whether we agree or not, physical relationships are very important in a relationship.

If there is a problem in the bedroom, it causes a rift in the relationship, which happens in many people’s lives. As we know that sexual play should be completely pleasurable and sexual organs should feel full of pleasure. There are many problems that spoil the fun of sex. Male genital dysfunction or not being able to have sex for a long time are common problems related to sex. It has also been observed that many women have pain during sex, due to various types of infections and tightening of the vagina. Therefore, we are suggesting some tips that can relieve women from pain during sex. This pain can be due to both physical and mental reasons. Vaginal dryness, infection around the genitals etc. are physical. While fear of not being aware of the sex process can be considered one of the reasons. At that time, a woman immersed in pain thinks about home remedies to remove the pain during sex. An attempt has been made to answer the same question through this article.

Tip # 1

Forplay means that a stimulus from other sports before sex has a main role, because if the forplay is prolonged then it stimulates the fluid in the woman’s vagina to be stimulated. This makes the male organ easily enter the vagina. If there is no fluid in the vagina, then there will be more pain.

Tip # 2

Many women have vaginal dryness that results from dehydration, nutritional deficiency, allergies, infections, etc. In such a situation, the fluid of the woman fails to reduce the pain, if it remains, then you can buy gels based or water based lubricants available in the market and use them during sex.

Tip # 3

Stress and anxiety are other reasons why women have pain during sex. Many women are stressed during sex, either ashamed or uncomfortable about their body. If the woman is under stress, the discharge of fluids is not done properly which causes pain. Therefore it is important for a woman to have a relationship and enjoy sex.

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Home remedies for sexual intercourse to Cure Pain:

  • Lovely conversation with a partner:

    Women and men have equal involvement in making healthy and healthy physical relationships. In such a situation, if a woman is having trouble in this regard for some reason, then she can share it with her partner. Men may try to give the woman’s vagina the necessary lubrication for sex by spending a little more time on the foreplay that is performed before sex to give the woman emotional and mental comfort. This will make both of them simple and happy in making a relationship.

  • Painkiller:

    Future pain can be prevented by taking painkillers as suggested by the doctor before the sex process.

  • Vaginal lubrication:

    In some circumstances, doctors also recommend the use of lubrication to make the woman artificially lubricate the vagina. For this, lubrication creams or pads are available from the market. Due to adequate lubrication in the vagina with their use, pain is not felt on entering the penis.

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  • Empty the bladder before sex:

    If you have trouble urinating after sex, then you can empty your bladder before sex. After this, clean your vagina with clean water and dry it well. This will also keep that place clean after sex and you will not have any problem if there is no infection in the future.