Golden Sex Rules For Newly Weds- All You Need to Know

Nav Vivahit Jodo Ke Liye Sex Tips

Often, in the affair of proclaiming themselves in the Sex Rules for newly weds, husbands do not even bother to know about their wife’s feelings and consider it their right to have sex with him. On the other hand, the wife think that probably would have married a sexual relationship between a wife, so she can not accept that the respect of the right information, but do not ask them to emotionally connect. The husband should understand that it is more important for the wife to be more emotionally connected than physically connected. Once she becomes emotionally attached to you, then she becomes devoted forever.

Must Sex honeymoon,

It is a huge myth. Many times the bride and groom are so tired due to the day long program that they just want to rest. It depends on the mutual agreement of both of them what they want to do. In this case, everyone’s experience is different. It is shown in films, just because it is to have sex in honeymoon, get out of this thinking and do not make honeymoon boil. It has been seen many times that after several days of marriage, physical relations were established in the husband-wife, but their relationship proved to be very strong, because they were emotionally attached to each other.

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Most girls have Misconceptions about sex

They feel that there is pain in sex for the first time and that is why they are always nervous about sex. If you believe in sex rules for newlyweds experts, then it becomes clear in the minds of girls that there will be pain in sex, so due to this fear and thinking, they have more pain during sex, while love and romance or simply say that there is no such complaints without the emotional attachment to a fear of sex that. So remove the fear of this pain from your mind, so that you can fully enjoy your sex life.

Read Good Books Not Cheap Novels

Before marriage, through their friends, by reading a blue film or a bad otic book, boys find out the meaning of sex differently and when their wife is not ready for them all, then their marriage is on the verge of breakdown. She goes. So, instead of a cheap and cheap novel, read a good book or meet a sexologist or sex expert.

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Flirt a Lot

If couples want their first night to be memorable, then they flirt with each other during marriage. Peeking into each other’s eyes, talking in gestures, praising each other, etc. This will help them create the mood for the night. Day-night to Flirting persists eagerness for sex.

Foreplay Is Important

The men than women need more before foreplay to sex. It takes time for women to get ready for sex rules for newly weds. In such a situation, the husband should help his wife through foreplay. After sex to enjoy their intimate moments, after-sex play is equally important.

Use Proper Contraceptives

The pregnancy etc. in the minds of many newlyweds are many complications. The use of contraceptives during sex not only prevents pregnancy but also protects both from many infectious diseases. Therefore, before taking sufficient information on contraceptives before marriage, use them at your convenience.

Take The Initiative

Girls are often hesitant to initiate sex, but if you want to try something different to make your husband happy, then give yourself a beautiful surprise by taking the initiative yourself.

Focus on Your Figure

Everyone wants their partner to be slim-trim and sexy, so pay special attention to your weight and looks. Decorate yourself – decorate and win your partner’s heart.

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