Do sex in this way, female partner will not be pregnant and enjoy more

Pregnancy Se Bachne Ke Liye Aise Kare Sex

After marriage, every couple thinks that they should not become pregnant. Due to this fear, there is a fear in everyone’s mind, but you will be surprised to know that if there is a position to be pregnant during sex, then on the same side there is also a position of not being pregnant during sex. If there is a fear of pregnancy during your mind, then let us tell you some steps through which you also enjoy sex, and chances of pregnancy are also reduced.

1 – 69: 

Everyone knows that your female partner can never be pregnant with oral sex. In this position of 69, both partners can enjoy sex for a long time without any fear.

2 – The Lotus: 

This position is unique in itself, in which both men and women are close to each other and sit and enjoy the woman in their lap.

3 – Woman on top: 

This position is the most pleasurable, along with the woman’s expectation of getting pregnant is very less because the flow of sperm in it goes outwards.

4 – Wear your shirt:

After having sex for the first time, you should not wear them under garment and wear them in your shirt. After this, you open the button of the shirt and then make the atmosphere romantic. In this way you can also enjoy sex and there is no tension to become pregnant.

5Consult doctors:

It is very special for adults to avoid pregnancy during sex in this way,

There is no doubt that becoming a mother is beneficial for any woman. But family planning is equally important for any couple. Pregnancy truly provides true happiness only when it is at the right time and according to planning. If a woman becomes pregnant too soon, it becomes a mess for her. If you also do not want to be pregnant soon, then you can take some home remedies. So let’s know about it also-


Consumption of papaya after conception is forbidden as it increases the chances of miscarriage to a great extent. Apart from this, it also proves extremely effective in preventing pregnancy. You must eat it two to three times a day for three-four days after the relationship. This will help prevent pregnancy.


Apart from papaya, figs are also an easy way to prevent pregnancy. Just eat two or three figs every day. This will not only reduce the chances of pregnancy, it also helps in improving blood circulation.


Ginger is used in some form in every household, but you might not know that it is also helpful in preventing pregnancy. Just wash the ginger and grate it and put it in water and boil it for some time. Now filter this water and drink it twice a day.

Azadirachta indica

Neem also prevents unwanted pregnancies. Actually, its use reduces the sperm motility to a great extent and due to which the possibility of conception also decreases. Neem can be used in many ways. For example, you can prevent pregnancy by using its leaves or oil. Neem oil is injected at the joint of the uterus and fallopian tubes, which removes sperm. Apart from this, neem pills are also available in the market. If they are consumed by a man, then the chances of conceiving are slim.


Parsley is an effective home remedy to prevent pregnancy. This herb is very easily available and you can consume it in the form of herbal tea. There is also a specialty of this herb that you do not have any harm due to its consumption.
So this way you can enjoy having sex without worrying about getting pregnant.


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