How Frequently Should One Have Sex? Great to Have This Knowledge

Kitni Baar Sex Karna Chaiye?

People ask many types of questions about sex. People doing a good sex life enjoyment also want to know how many times they should do sex in a week. It also makes a difference in how many times a week you have sex. Experts recommend sex for about six days a week and also count its benefits. By having regular sex, you also have a significant effect on health, that is, the problem related to health is overcome.

These are the benefits of having sex, but one should not have it every day.

Relieve Headache

If you avoid lovemaking by citing a headache, stop doing so. This is because when reaching orgasm, the level of a hormone called oxytocin in the body increases up to 5 times. It ends many types of pain in the body.

Better Sleep:

One gets better sleep after sex. The next morning you wake up with a relax and do your work better. Apart from this, you feel positive.

For fitness

If you want to go to the gym to improve your fitness or to work more and more, then sex is also one of its means. Having sex helps in keeping the body in shape. Having regular sex reduces waist fatness. Having sex for half an hour burns more than 80 calories.

It is better that by having regular sex of the immune system, the immune system of the body is strengthened. This makes your body more capable of dealing with common diseases. Like- common cold-cold and fever etc.

A study of heart health has revealed that active men are less at risk of heart attack in terms of sex. People who have sex at least 2 times a week were found to have a lower risk of heart attack than people who have sex 1 time a month. Now think if you have sex every day, then this danger will be reduced even more.

How often do you have sex – daily, twice a week or thrice or once? The answer to this question indicates how happy you are in your relationship! According to a study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, couples who have sex once a week are happier than couples who have very little sex. So if you think that your relationship will be very good only by having sex everyday or having sex more than once a week, then you are wrong. If you do not consider proximity with your partner as necessary for your happy relationship, then you are also wrong. Just because you do not want to have sex, you should not be intimate with your partner, this is also not right.Also Read – These boys told how they feel doing hand jobs

You can get intimate with partner in these ways without having sex-

1) Sexting/phone sex – If you are not able to have penetrative sex, then you can do flirting with your partner. You can do this, or send them some ‘love messages’ while working in the office.

2) Watch a movie together – Sometimes you or your partner are so tired that the mood of the real action is not formed, even then you can keep close. Watch a romantic or horror movie with your partner. This will not only calm your mind but also increase the bond with body touch.

3) Kiss – Do you know that kissing each other repeatedly reduces the distance between the couple? Kissing is the best way to show your love to your partner. It also creates a special attraction in your romantic life.

Sex Tips for First Night

4) Romantic Games – Not a mood to watch movies on TV? Then play some games to make the atmosphere romantic. Could Pillow Fight be a fun game or a stripping game?