When is the Safe Time for Having Sex?

Sex Karne ke lie Safe Samay Kya Hai – ‘Safe time or period’ means that when a man and woman enjoy sex, the woman is less likely to become pregnant. Scientifically speaking, this safe period is from the first to the seventh day of the monthly righteous time (Period) and from the 19th day until the start of the next cycle.

Generally, the menstrual cycle of women is 28 days. If there are unprotected sexual intercourse between 8 and 19 days, then there is every possibility of conceiving because fertility is very active during that period.

But the possibility of conceiving from unprotected intercourse during the ‘safe period’ still remains. Many women have irregular menstrual cycles. The cycle time varies according to the physiology of women. So the matter of ‘safe period’ is true but hardly anyone has the right knowledge about it. So to avoid unwanted pregnancies, using condoms (contraceptive cover) or contraceptive drugs is the safer option.

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It is called a safe period when women can avoid the possibility of becoming pregnant even by having unprotected sex. Technically speaking, calculating the safe period properly is not an easy task, it is a bit difficult. Safe period is not the same for all women as it depends on her menstrual cycle. However, many such period apps have come on smartphones which claim to help you get information related to your period by tracing the period. But apps are not completely correct, they cannot be trusted. Come, today in this article we are telling you about the things related to the safe period.

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Monthly Cycles of Women:(Safe Time for Having Sex)

There is a monthly cycle of 28 to 32 days – Generally, the monthly cycle of women can be of 28 days and also of 32 days. A woman’s menstrual cycle is not the same all the time. It is not the same. So if you have to calculate a safe period correctly then keep an eye on or track these days for two months.

This is a safe period in a cycle of 28 days – The time of your menstrual cycle is from the first day of the period to the first day after the start of the next menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycle is 28 days, then Safe Day lasts from 1 to 7 days and from the 19th day till the start of the next cycle.

This is a safe period in a cycle of 32 days – If your menstrual cycle is 32 days then Safe Day lasts from 1 to 7 days and from the 22nd day till the start of the next cycle. These days due to hormonal changes in the body the chances of getting pregnant are somewhat less. But remember that having sex during safe periods is not a flower-proof solution. If you do not want to become pregnant then using protection is the right option. Nobody can say with the assertion that having unprotected sex during the safe period does not prevent pregnancy.

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Tips for Having Safe Sex:(Safe Time for Having Sex)

Use natural lubricant for safe sex 

Even today, there are many people who do not use lubricants during sex. They have many doubts about lubricants which prevents them from using the lube. But you have to understand that sex is not always smooth. In such a situation, having rough sex can prove to be harmful for your vagina, so there is no harm in using a light flame of lubricant.

Do not use petroleum jelly or oil – Many people use petroleum jelly or mineral oil as a lubricant during sex. But many gynecologists recommend not using it. According to the doctors, the use of petroleum jelly and mineral oil in the private part carries the risk of bacterial growth, which can further increase vaginal infection.

Coconut oil is the best natural lubricant – So do not experiment with lubricant at all. If your lube choice goes wrong then you will face many kinds of difficulties. In spite of all this, there is a natural lubricant that is considered to be the safest and it is our reliable coconut oil ie coconut oil. Applying coconut oil does not cause any irritation or itching in the private part and you can also use it as a lube.

Natural aloe vera is also a good option – Apart from coconut oil, aloe vera can also be a great choice, but only if it is a pure form of aloe vera and does not contain any artificial ingredients. However, keep in mind that your skin is not sensitive to aloe vera.