Follow These Home Remedies to remove vaginal itching in 1 minute

Yoni Me Khujli ke Liye Upay

Natural Treatment for Private Part Itching | This way remove the itching of the private part.

If the vaginal itching is bothering you, then take immediate measures for it otherwise it may increase significantly. Well this is a common thing. Women do not like to talk openly about this problem, but when this problem becomes unbearable, they have to go to the doctor.

There can be many reasons for itching in the vagina of women. These causes may be due to yeast infection, hygiene or non-cleaning due to daily hygiene, or any allergies. The number of yeast in the vagina increases due to sex, more sugar intake, antibiotics or a weak immune system. Even the aromatic body wash that you use can damage the vaginal pH level. Both these reasons can also be factors of vaginal itching, which is very important to prevent and treat in time.

1. Use the pad without a cent (For Vaginal Itching)

Sometimes your pad can also give you severe itching. This is because the stents present in it can cause vaginal allergies. So if you have an itchy vagina during periods, then understand that there is something wrong with your pad and it should be replaced immediately.

2. Use Yeast infection cream (For Vaginal Itching)

If you have had a yeast infection once before, use OTC cream. You can get a lot of relief with this cream, so apply it in the vaginal area.

3. Check your soap

The soap with which you take a bath may not suit your condition. Especially soap that has a strong aroma. Start using hypoallergenic soap, leaving the soap that smells good.

4. Use basil leaves (For Vaginal Itching)

Basil leaves contain thymol and eugenol, which removes skin irritation. Just wash a little fresh basil leaves and rub on the affected area. Or you can also prepare Tulsi tea and dip cotton in it at the affected place.

5. Do not eat yeast foods (For Vaginal Itching)

If you have an itchy vagina due to yeast infection, then you should not eat foods that are made from yeast, such as cheese, bread, or alcohol. This is because they increase the growth of food yeast more and more, which makes vagina even itchier.

6. Use coconut oil (For Vaginal Itching)

According to a report published in the study, coconut oil works effectively in killing 52 types of yeast. You just need to apply 2-3 drops of coconut oil to the affected area every day. Stop applying it when you see improvement. Apart from this, you should also include coconut oil in your food.

7. Apple Cider Venegar (For Vaginal Itching)

Put one to two cups of apple cider venigar in the bath tub. Take a bath for about 20 minutes and clean your vagina with it. Follow this recipe until the disease is completely cured.

8. Neem leaves water (For Vaginal Itching)

Boil neem leaves in water and clean the vagina with the same water. Mixing camphor in coconut oil and applying it on the vagina also relieves itching.

9. Always wear cotton underwear (For Vaginal Itching)

Always wear cotton underwear so that it dries quickly. Apart from this, change it twice a day as well.

5 Easy Home Remedies to Treat Vaginal Infection

10. Castor Oil (For Vaginal Itching)

Drink two spoons of castor oil in a cup of lukewarm milk at night and drink it for three days. After three days, take two tablets of Shilajtwadi Vati and Chandraprabha Vati with milk in the morning and evening and keep the lattice of ‘Dhatakyadi oil’ in the vagina. After this, cool 20 grams of Triphala powder by boiling in water in the morning, add honey to it and clean the vaginal area, then wash it with water while bathing.