Help you understand the abnormal hazard of sperm and semen

Many men may not understand the abnormalities of sperm and sperm, let alone the harm of abnormal sperm and sperm. Abnormal sperm has a great influence on male friends, and it is easy to cause male friends to suffer from oligospermia and asthenospermia. , Azoospermia and other male infertility diseases, let the experts introduce the hazards of sperm abnormalities in detail for you:

Experts in the male treatment center of the male infertility hospital pointed out: abnormal sperm 70% -80% of male infertility. According to the data, the quality of male sperm in our country is declining at a rate of 2% per year, and the number of sperm drops by more than 30%; under normal conditions, there are 30 million to 150 million sperm in each male. In the end, there are only more than 8 million sperm that can enter the female uterus, and only a few hundred sperm that can approach the egg. The sperm elimination rate is very high. Therefore, if the sperm and semen of the male friend are abnormal, then the chance of the female getting pregnant is naturally very small. Abnormal sperm can be caused by diseases, urinary system diseases, sexual diseases, diseases, etc. If oligozoospermia caused by these diseases will also cause women to infect bacteria through sex, causing inflammation. Sperm abnormalities also include the concept of sperm deformity, and patients with sperm deformity will affect the quality of the baby. In addition to these essential hazards, abnormal sperm and semen will also affect the psychological factors of male friends. Male friends may suffer from lack of self-confidence and grumpy temper due to excessive worry.

Experts in male infertility hospitals detailed the hazards of abnormal sperm, hoping to help men. If a male friend has abnormal sperm, he should actively go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment and do not blindly seek medical treatment, which will affect his condition. Most male friends will have the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol and staying up late. Experts particularly remind you that it is best not to smoke and drinking and stay up late when the disease is not cured. Maintain sufficient rest time, relax and cooperate with the doctor ’s treatment. May the vast number of patients and friends recover soon! !