Home remedies to get good sleep

Along with good food and drink, it is also very important that you get good sleep. On the one hand, if the sleep is not fulfilled, while the nature of human being is affected, on the other hand, his health is also affected.

There are many people who fall asleep as soon as they go to bed, but there are some people who have problems like sleeplessness, restlessness. Such people want to sleep but due to any reason neither their sleep can be fulfilled nor they are able to sleep peacefully. There can be many reasons for getting raw sleep.

In such a situation, the doctor should be approached first . If the doctor can assure you that you do not have any serious illness, then surely it will be your lifestyle.

Staying healthy in today’s very busy lifestyle is not less than a challenge and if you are not getting enough sleep, then in future it can become a serious problem for you. In such a situation, these few things will help you get a good sleep:

1. Cherry
Cherry contains abundant melatonin which helps in regulating the internal cycle of the body. Experts believe that consuming a handful of cherries before sleeping proves helpful in getting a good sleep. Cherries can also be taken as juice or if fresh cherries are not available, frozen cherries will also prove beneficial.

2. Milk
Drinking a glass of warm milk before going to bed at night can be quite beneficial. Tryptophan and serotonin present in milk helps in getting good sleep. Also, milk is also a good source of calcium. Milk is also helpful in relieving stress.

3. Banana
Banana contains elements that relax muscles . The magnesium and potassium present in it promote good sleep. In addition, it is also a good medium for vitamin B6, which plays an active role in secretion of hormones associated with sleep.

4. Almond
is a very good source of magnesium like banana. It promotes sleep as well as reduces the strain and tension in the muscles. Which makes it easier to sleep peacefully.

5. Herbal tea
It is better to avoid caffeine and alcohol for good sleep, but if you drink herbal tea before going to bed at night, then you have to make a good sleep for yourself.