How to Apologize to your Girlfriend

Girl Friend Se Maafi Kasie Maange

So have you said anything wrong to her or done something wrong with him? Do you want to apologize to her sincerely, in a straightforward manner, or in a detailed, fancy way? Do you want to get it back ? If you truly love her and can’t see your life without him, here are ways to apologize to him.

Think about your apology and go to the real problem root:

I’m sorry if any words can, but you want to remove has no meaning in fact for everyone, nor any solution to it. Keep in mind that your girlfriend will want you to think carefully about the words you spoke or your mistake before apologizing to her. Before you apologize to him, prepare solid answers for these things:

  • Why did you do what you did or said to make her angry.
  • What aspect of your personality does it come from.
  • Which plan do you have to improve it, so that neither you nor your girlfriend have to go through this pain again.

First start by saying ” forgive me” directly:

Do not be ambiguous, nor try to apologize without uttering “sorry” with a true mind. Your girlfriend may have wanted to hear these words from your mouth, so be prepared to speak them in front of her.

If she asks you to leave, tell her that you want to apologize to her :

Tell her that you really want to end the problem and bring your relationship back on track. While talking to her neither shout nor shout at him; By doing this you can scare or make her sad and make things worse.

  • If he really looks very sad and is not willing to apologize on your behalf, then leave. Ask him, if you call her after a day or two, it would be fine.

Explain to her the reason behind your work very calmly:

If you have thought about the problem (in step 1), then you will now know the real reason behind your mistake. And you will also know that how will you keep it from happening even further.

  • Example: “I know I need to apologize to you. I should not have lied to your parents about my age. I know that I have done a lot of wrongdoing, but I don’t do that at all I want you or those people to stop trusting me just because of my old age. I really care about you and your parents, so I want to apologize to them directly. I received. I understand that you and they might be angry with me after my action. “
  • Example: “I shouldn’t have looked at Reena that way. I know that she is your friend and I have never done anything that would spoil my relationship with you or that her relationship with you is bad. I have I have no excuse for my actions, I can only explain to you, that: Most boys look at girls. But if you don’t like it, I will try the whole dictionary The term will, that never make these mistakes from me again. “

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Give her Time to Respond:

Let her ask you all the questions she has in mind, whose answers she wants to get. Answer with true heart. These are some things to keep in mind, which you should keep in mind while apologizing:

  • Do not blame her for the mistake. Even if you have made any mistake, but it will not be right to put all the blame on it. If you do this, then it will not make any sense to apologize to you.
  • Let her know how angry, sad or desperate she is. Don’t try to convince her not to do it, he has every right to feel it. This will make her feel good.