Want to make Boyfriends jealous?

Boyfriend Ko Jealous Kasie Banaye

If for some time you also feel that your boyfriend’s attention is getting less at you. There are some ways that you can attract the attention of your boyfriend again. There are some things that girls do knowingly or unknowingly, which makes their boyfriends very jealous . Let’s know –

1. Flirting with other boys :

If girls are unknowingly flirting with other boys then their boyfriends are very jealous. Your mind just starts thinking about you. It is not right to do so intentionally. But if he is not paying attention, then there is no harm in healthy flirting.

2. Laughing at the jokes of another boy :

Your boyfriend wishes you the best with him. Let his words make you happy. Many times another boy says such a funny thing that you miss your laugh but it is irritating for your boyfriend.

3. Stay with the girls at night, go for a walk :

If your boyfriend feels that you girls are going together to a place where many other acquaintances or strangers will come, then they will also have problems with your plan. As long as you are out, they will keep harassing you.

4. Repeat the names of people you loved in TeenEdge:

Teenage has a crush on many people one after another. From Shah Rukh Khan to Bread Pit, girls love some kind of celebrity. But this was when your boyfriend was not around you. Notwithstanding this, if you love any of them, then it is good for them.

5. Calling other boys by their names :

You are talking about someone. Whether you are calling her by full name or just by sarnes then your boyfriend will not have any problem. But as soon as you take her name only, it is natural for your boyfriend to be jealous . And if you said that it is very funny, then its not good.

6. Sending messages to other boys :

Sending messages according to your boyfriend is a bigger wrong than calling. What is the point of sending messages to other boys when he is always with you? They will be very jealous of this.

7. A boy being a best friend :

You have already made it clear that you and another boy are just friends. Very good friends but there is no one who can not digest this. Your boyfriend has problems with this relationship. Don’t you watch tv Very often, very good friends go ahead and feel the love hidden within them. In such a situation, your boyfriend is not needlessly jealous.

8. Comparing her with her ex-boyfriend :

Whenever you mention your old lover like this, no one likes it at all. He feels he has to compete with a boy all the time. Your boyfriend feels that you still do not love your ex boyfriend. The desire to prove himself better will come in him.

9. Plan your holiday with friends :

You got a long vacation after a long day. Before your boyfriend thinks of spending some time with you, you have told him that you are going out with your friends. It is somewhat of your boyfriend’s thought that you like to hang out with your friends more than spending time with him. You missed such a good chance for your friends.

10. When You Take Your Friends Side :

There is something where she needs your support. He is almost aware that you will take the side of him but breaking this trust, you have taken the side of your friends. You have expressed today that if you do not have much in your mind, then at least your boyfriend is worth as much as your friends.

11. When you go to a party without her and share many photos :

She had no desire to come to this party because it is your friends party. But know that when he sees his many photo posts on social media, he is sure to be jealous. Although it is difficult to explain the reason, it is a bitter reality.

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12. Staying up late at work :

Will you be late today? Is there any problem in your office? Don’t you want to come home and talk to him? After all, he will not even get to talk to you tonight. Your frequent stay late at work makes him very unstable.