How to Ask a Girl to be Girlfriend

Kisi Ladki Ko Apni Girlfriend Kaise Banaye.

Be talkative:

Avoid talking about the same stereotypical things everyday, or any scientific, political topics. The best way to have a relationship with a person is to behave wholeheartedly and live that moment to the fullest. What you say is not as important as the way you say it. case of doubt, just say “hi”.

  • To get in touch with the girl, you must first “break contact” with her. This will make the girl suddenly notice you and she will miss you.

Make her laugh:

A man with good humor tends to like girls, having a good humor is the key to being lighthearted and keeping himself calm. Never joke with the intention of evil of other people, it is better to joke in only one realm. Do not try to be artificial.

  • Don’t worry about whether she thinks you are funny or not, you know why? If she can’t laugh with you, then this is not the girl you want to spend a lot of time with. Who else knows? There may be another girl – one whom you have never noticed before, who laughs a lot about you. So maybe that girl could be your rightful friend.


Keep your friendship with a little flirt, so that this girl does not get added to your friend’s list. This does not mean you have to try it with all your girlfriends, but a little flirting will help you to tell them that you are a boy, not another good friend of his. Even if they are not interested in you, they can become your friends.

  • Touch. Raise a little risk of “touching”. Be creepy, hold his elbow without being playful, or put his hands on his back to show him the way in the crowd. If she says something funny, grab her upper hand, etc. If you do not like it, she will tell you. Touching people tells you that they find you attractive and also makes you look confident. Both these things can make someone feel more attracted towards you.

Complete the conversation:

If you like the girl you talk to, then end the conversation yourself. Doing this prevents your conversation from becoming dull, showing you that you are busy (not too needy or desperate) and allows you to stop talking with a positive ending. Just say “I want to go” nice to talk to you. Would you like to continue this conversation with coffee? If she says yes, then take her phone number and proceed. If he says no, then no problem. She is not the only girl you will find on the way.


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Be assertive:

Most women prefer initiative men, at least in the case of dating. Keep at least two attractive options in your mind when you call him to set an appointment. Call her and do not say what she wants without telling you your alternate priority. Otherwise, he will feel that you are lazy and you are not taking much interest.

  • For example, if you talk to him and the topic of meeting in the middle comes up, say something like this: “Well, I thought we could go to that fabulous restaurant outside the city … and I would go to the mall. I also want to go to the new bowling center … Did you have anything on your mind? ” If she likes one of your options, she will let you know, and if not, she will ask you for some other place and you will show your assertiveness. If he says yes then no worries, just choose one of the two options.