How to Be a Good Girlfriend

EK Acchi Girlfriend Kaise Bane

Having good girlfriends is a complex task, especially at the beginning of a relationship. But even if your relationship is just starting with your new boyfriend or your relationship is five years old, there are some tips to follow in order to be a good girlfriend and to nurture the relationship. To be a good girlfriend, you should be loving and supportive while maintaining your independence. If you want to know how to do this, just follow these steps!

Do not open too much at the beginning: 

Falling into a relationship means making sure that you have plenty of space available to know each other and to believe that you are suitable to each other. If you hurry to “build” the relationship more than what it is now, it will probably overwhelm the haste, intimidate it, and spoil the ‘thing’ made. Instead, be patient and know that it takes time to maintain a solid and lasting relationship. If you want to keep it sustainable, then avoid these:

  • Do not force him to call you his girlfriend after a few dates, because it will make him feel that it is not his own decision. Be patient and wait until these words come out automatically. If you are suitable, then it will happen soon.
  • Do not start talking about marriage and children even before meeting his family and friends. Cases of this kind, premature lifting, can create tension from the beginning and end a productive and caring relationship.
  • Although it is said that the path of a man’s heart goes through his stomach, but this does not mean that a 3-course meal should be prepared for him on the first date. You do not need to prove anything like this; All you have to do is stay busy listening, pay attention, and share your interests.

Be Honest:

Being honest with your partner is important, but most important, it is also important to be honest with yourself. If you react extra, or make a mistake, accept it and apologize. If you are feeling very sensitive or disturbed, then sort your feelings and say it without accusing.

  • And the most important thing is to be more open about your feelings. For example, if he tells you something that bothers you, then be open about his impact on you, without any accusations or instead of asking him to change it.
  • If you form a solid communication relationship with him from the beginning, then you will know not soon, but soon whether the relationship will be sustainable or not.

Speak to the heart:

Do not hesitate to say your wishes, needs, and opinions, even if they are contrary. You neither have to, nor should it be, to please him. In addition, by demonstrating that you are an independent personality, who has needs, desires, and attitudes towards life, he will be interested in knowing and understanding you as a person. If you do not have trouble saying what you say, then he will also feel comfortable to say his heart.

  • Only reveal yourself in such a way that it does not hurt the opinion or lifestyle of anyone else in any way – you can also be polite and articulate by adopting the policies of perseverance and being considerate of his feelings.

Remain yourself:

Do not pretend to impress just that. The temptation may be that you try to be the girl that you have heard that she likes, but it is usually a story made up of just the things you hear or suggestions, and you can be wrong. Ultimately, he wants to date “you”, not an imaginary whole. And if you really have the temptation to change things, because he repeatedly says that if you were thinner, taller, prettier, calmer, or anything else, then this is a clear indication that you are for each other are not suitable

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  • If he actually keeps saying such things to tease you, then it is not love, but an attempt to control you.
  • If your interests are not the same, then don’t pretend like that. Initially doing this may seem fun or “safe”. But when he finds that you don’t really like what he likes, it can be very deadly; He will be making decisions regarding your role in his future based on something that is not real, and it will hurt both of you in the end.