How to be a good Boyfriend

Acche Boyfriend kaise Bane

It is not always easy to be a good boyfriend, even if you have a very good girlfriend. A good boyfriend knows when to speak, when to listen; When to advise and when to express condolences; When she is meditating and when she has to give some private time. You have to be someone she trusts and someone she likes, someone who wants to make her a better girlfriend. A good boyfriend accepts the situation and knows that it is an ongoing process. Let’s read this article:

Be honest (Hamesha Imaandar Rahe) (How to be a good Boyfriend)

For success and strength in any relationship, honesty is very important. If you are honest from the beginning of your relationship, you will be less likely to get into trouble. 

Without hiding the truth from her, you should tell her the truth that she needs to know. For example, if you have had a serious relationship before, then you can tell them about it by not saying every small thing in your old relationship.

Show your honesty with kindness. Do not think that every response you give is always appreciated. Instead of doing this, keep an alternative proposal. Like, if she asks you what she is wearing that you like, tell her it looks fine but you think blue is still your favorite because her eyes look so cute in this color.

While dealing honestly, you should not only be comfortable but also accept his honesty. If you want to be a good boyfriend, then you need to be able to handle the truth.

Trust her: (Imaandar rahe) (How to be a good Boyfriend)

Trust your girlfriend and give her a reason to trust you too. Trust should form the basis of your relationship. This will help you build a more open relationship to each other, it will also make it easier to understand what your partner wants, what she thinks and what she needs. 

By telling your girlfriend about something that many people don’t know, you can show that you trust her.If she tells you something personal and important about her, then by showing your concern and concern for her, you can protect her faith in herself.

Contribute equally to the conversation: (Acche se Baat kare) (How to be a good Boyfriend)

 When you talk, try to maintain balance in the conversation. If you keep quiet, then she may feel that your interest is getting less in her. If you are very talkative, she may feel that you are suffering or rude to yourself.

Talk is about taking something and giving it. It is the same with every relationship. One-way relationships and interactions are never successful.There will obviously be occasions when you talk too much (eg when something important or exciting happens) or when you back out of the conversation (eg, when something bad happens). Overall, a balanced conversation should be your objective.

Be a good listener: (Acche Se Baat Sune) (How to be a good Boyfriend)

Instead of thinking about the next thing to speak or focus on listening to it before doing anything else. Pay attention to what she is saying. Always be fully engaged and engaging in conversation in his presence.

Remember that your conversation with your girlfriend is not just for listening, but also to remember it. If your girlfriend is telling you about an important experience, then be mentally involved.If she has already told you something twice and you have no idea what she is talking about, because in reality you are not listening to her. She will know this and it will not make her happy.”Listen” to his untold words as well. When something is bothering her, learn to tell her without saying it. Tell her about her expressions, about her body language, even how she keeps her hair twisted etc.

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