How to make your Boyfriend miss you

Boyfriend ko Apni Yaad Kasie Dilaye

You would definitely want to remind your X of you. If your purpose is just to take revenge from him, then it might not be a good idea for you. However, if you want to remind him of yourself, you want him to remember you so that the two of you are together once again, you can get success in it.

Do not start contacting him ( Unhe Turant Contact Mat karo) (How to make your Boyfriend miss you)

 As it is commonly said, you should wait at least 2 weeks to 1 month to do any kind of contact with your X. By contacting you and starting it very quickly, you are showing yourself how much you are missing, which is probably the opposite of your objective of reminding him. Additionally, by being in contact with him, as the two of you are still interacting with each other, you are losing all opportunities to remind him of yourself.

Do not call or message your EX back (Unhe Call aur Message mat Karo) (How to make your Boyfriend miss you)

For the first few weeks after your breakup, if he makes the first phone call or message on your behalf, you should not answer his phone or message. Your X may be calling you to recover from the initial pain of this breakup, to tell you your soreness and heart condition. However, if you want to remind yourself of your X really and honestly, then you have to try to increase this waiting time as much as you can, so that the feelings of sadness inside you, at this time, are removed. Go and you become a strong person.

Take some time to spend with yourself (Apne Aap ke saath thoda Waqt Guzare) (How to make your Boyfriend miss you)

One of the reasons to take these relationships away from yourself is that you want some time to overcome this pain. If you have a breakup, then obviously you will also be sad. You will need some time to understand what went wrong in this relationship, because of which it did not move forward, especially if you want to get back together, and backtracked on your behalf. This one step will give you the time to spend with you, which you need most at this time.This time will help you to get away from the memories of your loved one and by this time the yearning of your boyfriend may increase for you.

Don’t start guarding your boyfriend (Apne Boyfriend ko guard mat karo)  (How to make your Boyfriend miss you)

If you are chasing him, then you might not be able to give yourself the time you need. And with this, if you are caught, then you will feel like a desperate person in front of him, which is not an attractive quality by any means. This way, instead of reminding yourself of your X, you will remove it even more from you. If you start being too possessive then there would definitely be an issue.

Do not accept this pain in front of anyone (Don’t Express Your Feelings on Social Media) (How to make your Boyfriend miss you)

That means not to express your pain on social media, because your X can easily see it there. Actually, don’t talk too much about this breakup all the time. Gradually, this silence will leave a deep impression on your X and along with it your X will also start to miss you.

Create new friends: (Naye Dost banaye) (How to make your Boyfriend miss you)

Good and new friends will help you feel more confident and strong, and in addition, it will also give you an opportunity to change and grow well. And with this, in this way you will be able to show your X how happy you are in your social life even without him. If there are some friends who are already with the two of you, then if you feel the pain of your breakup in front of them, then chances are they will go and tell your X about this and all the contacts like this It will become even more difficult to finish, if you continue to meet the same people, whom you have been meeting for a long time.

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