How to Keep Your Girlfriend Happy

Girlfriend ko Khush Kaise Kare

Sometimes you will feel ashamed to be alone. Because everyone has a girlfriend. If you do not have your girlfriend then your friends will leave no stone unturned to tease you. Usually boys try for the first time and when a girl gives them expressions and tantrums, they think that the girl is not interested in them. And they think that I cannot impress the girl. Also this article is going to help you to retain your already existing Girlfriend.

Pay attention to handsome look (Handsome Dikhe) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

The girl always pays attention to the boy who has a stylish look and who looks smart. So always keep in mind that you are looking good or not.

Improve personality ( Personality Sudhare) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

Friends, if you want to become handsome, then first you have to improve your personality. Because the boy who is very handsome has a very good personality. If your personality is not good then you will have a lot of problems in looking handsome and smart. Personality also refers to the word one does on mind and just his/her body.

Improve dressing style (Dressing Style ko Sudhare) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

To Impress your girlfriend you need to look handsome. To become handsome you have to improve your dressing style. You should wear suits that suit you. Many boys make a mistake here, they wear a dress that does not suit them at all. So according to your own personality choose your dresses.

Keep smile on face ( Hamesha Muskurate Rahe) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

If you keep the relationship with your girlfriend on, then you should always keep a small smile on your face and it impresses the girls very much.
Good smile enhances your personality even more and you will look more cute, smart and good looking.

Listen to her ( Uski Baat Dhyaan Se Sune) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

Nowadays it is very important to support a girl to get her. You should not stop their conversation in between and should always support them.

Invite her for a date (Usko Date pe Bulaye) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

Every girl likes to date. Therefore, if you want to get a girl, then you have to be a little romantic, for this you should call her on a date.

Don’t pay much attention to other girls ( Doosri Ladkiyon pe Zyada Dhyaan na De) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

If you want to impress a girl, then you should not compare other girls with that girl and should not pay too much attention to other girls. Always say that she is better than other girls.

Be who you are ( Jasie Hai Waise Rahe) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

There is a shortage of genuine boys today.In order to impress a girl, boys pretend in front of them, which the girls do not like. If somehow her colleagues come to know, then everything will be spoilt.

Give it enough time ( Zyada Jaldbazi Na Kare) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

If you want a girl to be yours then you will have to give enough time. Actually, the thing is that you cannot make room in her heart by staying with her for a while, so try to stay with her for a long time.

Come close to girl’s friends (Uske Dosto Se Doosti Kare) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

It is very important to know all the things about a girl in order to impress her. So you should know all the things about the girl by doing friendship with her friends and het information about what she likes and what she doesn’t like? What does she eat? And many more.

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Give interest in her family ( Uski Family me Interest le) (Keep Your Girlfriend Happy)

Every girl loves her home, parents. If you give interest in the girl’s family, then it can become more so. For this, you will not have to know much about the girl’s family from that girl and you have to give respect to everyone.