How to Break up With a Girl

Girlfriend Se Breakup Kaise Kare

Are you in a relationship that is going south? Are you dreading the moment when you know you’ll have to break up with your girlfriend? Breaking up is never easy, but neither is staying with someone you don’t love anymore. Here are some quick and simple tips to help you break up with a girl. Just remember: be thoughtful and aware of what this girl is going through, and that will make a huge difference.

Find a legitimate reason to break up with her. You need a reason to break up with her, even if your feelings have simply changed and she hasn’t done something wrong. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you owe it to them explain yourself. You’d want a reason if you were being broken up with, wouldn’t you?

  • Here are some common reasons that people break up with one another:
    • Cheating. A relationship is between two people. Three’s a crowd.
    • Disrespect. Your partner doesn’t treat you the way you know you should be treated.
    • Manipulative relationship. Your partner manipulates you to get what she wants.
    • Falling out of love. You realize, after time, that you don’t have feelings for her the way you used to in the beginning.
    • Distance. The physical distance between you two makes it hard for a relationship to happen.
    • Boredom. When you are not just enjoying the time you spend with each other

Be considerate when choosing the time of day while Breaking Up. Choose a time when both of you can talk in private without distractions. Wait until the end of the day rather than doing it first thing in the morning before she has to face a full day of school or work. If possible, do it on a Friday so that both of you have the weekend to deal with your feelings privately.

  • Do not pick a holiday or otherwise important day.

Meet her somewhere quiet, isolated, and free of distractions. while Breaking Up Breaking up in person can be really hard, but again, you definitely owe it to her. Where you do it can be virtually anywhere — a room, a park, or a schoolyard, so long as there’s not much to distract you while you break the news.

  • If you are unsure of how she’ll react, schedule the meeting in a more public place, like a coffee shop.
  • Never break up over text, email, or over the phone. These methods can reflect poorly on you, and your soon-to-be ex will probably let every girl know what you did. Try to Skype if you’re long distance.

Start off blunt when Breaking Up. It’s not easy, but ripping the band-aid off quickly will be less painful for both parties than dragging your feet in the mud. If you can, go right out and say it

  • Example: “I hate to do this because you’ve meant so much to me, but I think we should break up.”
  • Example: “I’m really struggling with this right now. I apologize if this doesn’t come out in a good way, but I think we should call things quits.”
  • Example: “Maybe this won’t come as a huge surprise to you, but I think it’s best if we called things off between us.”

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Give her a truthful explanation while Breaking Up. Draw on the reasons you came for why you want to break up, leaning on them. Give her a full explanation, but don’t list every single part of the relationship that was bad — it could cause her to become defensive.

  • Example: “I know it’s not what you wanted to hear, and if I could change the way I feel, I would. The truth is, I don’t know if we’re really compatible. I don’t get along with your friends, you don’t get along with mine. You hate sports, I live for them. I tried to ignore our differences in the beginning, but I can’t anymore. I honestly think you and I both would be happier with someone else.”