How to find out your ovulation time? And know Your Periods Better

Apna Ovulation Time Janiye

Ovulation or ovulation is a part of the female reproductive cycle. During the process of ovulation, the ovary extracts an egg or egg cell, which is ingested by a fallopian tube. Now this egg is ready to be fertilized or fertilized during the next 12-24 hours. If the egg is fertilized, it will establish in the uterus or uterus and release hormones which will prevent menstruation. If the egg is not fertilized during those 12–24 hours, it will no longer be eligible for fertilization and will clash with the layers of the uterus at the time of menstruation. Know when your ovulation will occur which can help you plan or avoid pregnancy.

Buy a basal body temperature thermometer:

Your basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period. You will need a basal body temperature to regularly monitor and monitor basal body temperature.

  • It is found at most drug stores and comes with a chart to help you track your BBT for several months.

Take a basal body temperature every day for several months and keep a record of it.

To get a precise idea of ​​your BBT, you will need to take your temperature at the same time every day before you wake up, but also before leaving the bed. 

  • Keep your BBT thermometer near your bed. Every morning at first, try to get your temperature at a certain time.
  • Basal body temperature can be taken by mouth, anus or vagina. Whichever method you choose, keep using the same method continuously for the same reading. Readings taken from the anus or vagina may be more accurate. [4]
  • Write your temperature taken every morning on a BBT chart or a graph paper. The BBT graph is a pre-drawn graph on which you can write your temperature.
  • To see the beginning of a pattern you will need to track your BBT every day for several months.

Look for a prolonged spike or spike in temperature.

Most women have a BBT increase of about half a degree in three days during ovulation. Thus, to find out when the temperature rises every month, track your BBT so that you can consider in advance when your ovulation will occur.

Try to expect ovulation after recording your BBT every morning for several months,

Look at the chart to find out your ovulation. Once you recognize the pattern of when your BBT increases every month, you will be able to anticipate your ovulation by doing the following:

  • Find the constant spike in temperature every month.
  • Mark the time from two to three days before this temperature spike as possible ovulation days. 
  • It can also be useful to show this record to your doctor if you have potential infertility or sterility problems.

Understand the limitations of the method. 

Although your BBT can be a useful tool, it also has limitations that you should be careful about

  • You may not recognize the pattern. If you are unable to recognize the pattern even after several months, you may need to use a combination of other methods along with monitoring your BBT.
  • Basal body temperature can be disrupted by changes in your biological process, which is caused by working at night, sleeping too much or sleeping, traveling or drinking alcohol.
  • Basal body temperature can be exacerbated by periods of stress, periods of illness, as well as specific medications and gynecological conditions.

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Buy an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK)

It is available at most drug stores and is subjected to a urine test that measures the level of luteinising hormone-LH. Normally LH levels are low in urine or urin but it will increase rapidly for 24-48 hours immediately before ovulation.

Especially if your cycles are irregular, OPK can help give you accurate results, rather than detecting your basal body temperature.