How to Have Sex in 69 Sex Position?

What is 69 sex position, how to do 69 sex position, Is 69 oral sex position dangerous, and are there chances of pregnancy in 69 sex position? There are many questions that everyone wants to know. Because having sex means having sex is a natural process.

There are many positions to have sex and each position has its own pleasure. There can be about 119 types of positions to have sex in which both partners can feel pleasure to the extreme. Women complain of dissatisfaction more than men when having sex. Together, both partners can have sex in 69 position to allow them to experience equal sexuality.

Sex position 69  is the safest because it does not have intercourse. Because this position involves only enjoying the sex by sucking the genitals, so Lesbian and gay couples can also adopt this sex position. In this article, we are going to tell you in detail about 69 sex position and their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s know some things related to the 69 sex position.

What is a 69 sex position?

Out of 119 prevalent sex positions, 69 position is considered most famous. This sex position is an oral sex position, also known as an oral sex position. This sex position makes both partners equally feel a sense of sexuality and satisfaction. However, there is nothing like sexual intercourse in this sex position, so it is quite interesting to know about it. Also, there is no risk of pregnancy for this sex position. Let’s know how to do sex in 69 position.

The Classic 69 Sex position - How to Do 69 For Incredible Oral Sex

How do sex in 69 sex position?

The position of partners to have sex in 69 sex position is also according to the position of 6 and 9 in this number. During this sex position, the face of the female and male partner is in the opposite direction and thus their mouth is right in front of each other’s genitals. After making this position oral sex is to be done which both men and women do simultaneously at the same time. In this sex position, either of the two partners can stay above.

What women should do in 69 sex position?

When women are in 69 sex position, then you have to give blowjob to your male partner i.e. to have oral sex with them. During this, one can also use the hands with the mouth to sex them. They can rub their genitals with their hands as well as suck the testicles. Men experience extreme sexuality by sucking the penis in the mouth and sucking its upper part more.

What men should do in 69 sex position?

Men also have to give the female partner a blowjob during this time. During this time, you can tell yourself where you feel better by sucking and when to feel more sexuality and attachment to help the partner. At the same time, you should suck the vagina of women as well as the surrounding organs. You can also finger in the vagina in between.

Benefits of 69 sex position –

  • This sex position is very good for the orgasm as well as it is also the most safe, so it is also considered one of the best sex position. There are the following benefits of doing this sex position.
  • This position is considered to be the best for performing foreplay as it is not only women but also men who feel sexuality with the forceful.
  • There is no intercourse of the genitals in this sex position, so there is no risk of pregnancy.
  • After having oral sex in this position, men do not have to work very hard for foreplay.
  • The 69 sex position makes both partners feel the same sexuality.

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 Easy Tips to Have Sex in 69 Sex position – 

  • How can you lie down on the waist or abdomen?
  • When you suck the partner’s genitals, make a circle with your hands on both sides of his waist and tighten the waist in the arms.
  • You can put a pillow under the partner’s hips as per your convenience.
  • To improve the taste of the mouth, you can eat chewing gum or something of good taste.
  • By sucking the partner’s genitals well, you can increase their excitement, which increases the pleasure of sex.
  • You can have sex in this position without any protection.
  • Lesbian and gay couples can also have sex in this position.