How to Keep a Guy Interested in You

Kisi Ladke Ko Aap me Interested Kasie Rakhe

To create a physical connection, keep touching it often (This Keeps a Guy Interested in You).

Studies have shown that touching someone repeatedly increases their attachment to you. Look for any reason to touch him, whether it is to put his hand lightly on his hand after a joke he has heard, or give him a tight hag after he has spoken goodbye.

  • If you do not want to reveal your action too much, then show it as if you have suddenly touched it. For example, when you are standing to take something, touch her hand or touch her feet under the table.
  • Keep the touching you do above the waist so that you do not accidentally cross your borders or make them feel uncomfortable. If you have a doubt about it, then the shoulder, hand, and face are the safest places for it.

Find out what it is that makes him feel loved (This Keeps a Guy Interested in You):

Everyone has a different way of receiving love, whether through touch or by receiving gifts. To know how to get his love, pay attention and see what it is that he is happy to get from you or from other people. Then focus on doing the same things, so that it also feels that you are really interested in it.

  • For example, if someone tells her that she is special, she likes it, then you must confirm such things as saying, “Thank you for helping me in my homework. How many of you Be smart! ” Or “You always know how to make me feel good, and I like that very much about you.”

Fill the empty time of his life, so that he can feel your need(This Keeps a Guy Interested in You): I

f you can give him what no one can give, then there will be feelings for you in his mind. For example, if there is no one in his life who supports his dreams of becoming a professional athlete, then you become his greatest cheerleader.

  • Think about your strengths too. If you are a good listener, then you can also become that person, to whom he can also tell every little thing in his mind.
  • For example, if he always tells you something like how he hesitates to talk to any of his mail friends in sadness, then you can say something like, “If you ever got to talk If I feel the need of someone, I am always with you. I will never judge you! “
  • Do not try to “change” it. There is a lot of difference between always being with her when needed and trying to change her according to her wish.

To create intimacy between the two of you, share secrets with him (This Keeps a Guy Interested in You):

Being open in front of her will make her feel like you trust her and you want to emotionally get closer to her. Tell him such things about yourself, which many people do not know, and when he is open on his behalf, then also confirm to hear him really.

  • First start small, then share something big, then share some things that can make your relationship even better.
  • For example, on the first date, you can tell her that you like reality shows weirdly. On the 10th date, you can tell her about the divorces of your parents.

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Always be ready to show him how awesome you are (This Keeps a Guy Interested in You):

Always think about yourself, rather than just focusing on making him crazy. How can you become the best in yourself and how can you become a confidant and a self-confident girl that she wants to achieve? Work on yourself as much as you do in building your relationships, spending time with your friends, and trying to love someone.

  • Do not try to be the person you are not. Instead try to change things in yourself that you don’t like.
  • For example, instead of keeping an eye on his X’s instagram, use that time to improve your painting skills. He will find himself becoming even more attracted towards a girl who has her passion and interest and who loves herself.